meet the (b)’s.


welcome to my (b)log!

after going to a very small college in a very small town in virginia, i decided i needed a change and shipped up to boston. i only knew one person moving here (my freshman year roommate) but was super fortunate to not only land a great job but a great job with awesome co-workers (now friends!)

i’ve always had an insatiable appetite (just ask my mother) and my favorite hobbies are eating and drinking (but just eating if you do talk to my mother.) thankfully, after moving up to boston, i also found the hobby of running. i would not call myself a runner- i basically hate ever second of every run- but i do enjoy burning calories and getting pretty medals.

if you’re looking for healthy eating tips, fine dining reviews or expert running advice, you have not come to the right place. but if you’re looking for random snapshots of my life, the food i eat, the beers i drink, and my cat (lots of my cat) then congrats! this is the (b)log for you.

and speaking of my cat, meet the other (b)- buster! yes, i’m a crazy cat lady. and no, i don’t care.