early bird gets the smoothie.

whyyyy am i awakeee?! ive been trying to go to bed by 10pm so i can be up by 6am to get in a quick workout before work (more on that later)… but for some reason if i hit the sheets that early, i cannot sleep past 5am. annoying. especially since im still tired. GAH.


actually more deep sleep and less wake ups than usual.
little victories!

speaking of sleep, jawbone recently replaced my up24 with the new up2 and i loveee it. its much smaller than the up24 and, well, i guess thats about the only change haha but its a good one! i know everyones all about the fitbits these days, but i would 100% recommend the jawbone if youre interested in tracking your steps/sleep!

things i find myself doing between 5am and 6am? catching up on instagram. watching tv. reading blogs. thinking about what im going to eat for the rest of the day. (<- probably the most important thing.)

today on instagram: i wonder how this person got a hold of my family photograph (nor did they ask permission to use it, rude.)

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 5.47.38 AMnot on instagram (well i guess maybe it could be) is this picture mary grace sent me yesterday. ha! silly doughnut. (unrelated but semi-related… i got an apple fritter from 7-11 this weekend… oh man are they surprisingly delicious. i wish i never discovered them as my willpower is extremely minimal. especially when walking home from the bars.) i clearly ate it all before i took a picture, but im sure ill be getting one again soon and will share.

IMG_4708so i actually cancelled my huge cable package on monday (my bill was $194 last month… what the…) and downgraded to high speed internet and a cable package of about 40 or so channels, saving just about $100 a month. the only channel i lost that i really care about is bravo (i still get food network, HBO, E! and AMC… phew) so feel free to invite me over to watch housewives, k?


oh, and if you arent watching astronaut wives. start. now. im obsessed.
(you can also watch on hulu)

saw this youtube posted on another blog and had to snag it too! i think this song is a bit overplayed (aka annoys me a bit) BUT i love it with the movie mash up. hard to hate anything that contains clips from grease and dirty dancing, dontcha think?

now time for a quick workout video and then FOOD. todays breakfast is going to be a vega smoothie. ill post more about those in my workout summary post (spoiler alert: i havent lost much weight. but then again i havent gained it. small victory?) but these have been my favorite way to start the day lately! the usual morning mix:


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 6.16.49 AMa delicious (and nutritious) way to start the day!
(i swear it tastes better than the picture looks. #INeedANewCamera)
happy hump day everyone.



(b)ack in (b)usiness!

guess who has a functioning laptop again !!!


three cheers for the genius bar getting my computer fixed for a hundred bucks a cheer. ouch, but still less than having to get a brand new computer so… glass half full?

tumblr_mk8746w9cC1ql5yr7o1_400this past month has been full of travel, food, and some fun workouts (although not nearly enough to balance out the food… eek… ) i def want to do posts dedicated to a few of these things, but figured to id do a quick little (b)est of round up to get the week started!

(b)est snack: roasted & salted truffle marcona almonds from trader joes

IMG_9507if youre a fan off truffles if you arent im not sure i trust you then you should walk, no run, to the nearest trader joes and pick up a bag. i seriously had to leave the bag at home in connecticut so i didnt eat it all in one sitting- i dont trust myself around them.

(b)est appetizer: steak tartare from 55 wine bar in fairfield, ct


(parmesan crostini, truffle vinaigrette, quail egg)

last month, i went to 55 wine bar in fairfield for my friend julie’s bridal shower. i’d never been before but heard great things. almost everyone else started out with the brussels sprout salad (fontina risotto cake, hazelnut, parmesan, truffle vinaigrette) but the tartare just stuck out to me (and im trying to eat more red meat <- for you mother.)

OMG so good. the little quail egg was perfect and the yolk added a great silky richness to the dish. (plus it was so cute and mini!)

IMG_9535runner up (and sadly unpictured): the grilled octopus from casa tua in miami

(b)est value: the salmon complete from irashai sushi in chinatown ($22)

IMG_9924i love sushi. like, im pretty sure i could live off of it (as long as i could sneak in some chocolate every now and then…) which is why i was so excited to discover the salmon complete at irashai sushi. for 22 bucks you get soup & salad, five pieces of sashimi, five pieces of sushi, a maki roll. (oh and you can chose to do tuna if that’s your thing.) i ate the soup and salad, half the roll, and a piece or two of the sushi/sashimi and was full– so saved the leftovers for lunch the next day. perfection!

(b)est salad: buffalo chicken milanese from vitos tavern in the north end


(romaine, celery, grape tomato, cucumber, sliced hard boiled egg, bacon bits, tossed with ranch, finished with crumbled blue cheese)

so this salad is TOTALLY not healthy for you… but boy oh boy is it good. and, in our defense, the girls and i just got our butts kicked at boxing before- so we totally deserved it. (and we lightened it up by getting the ranch and blue cheese on the side…. sure, we could have got grilled chicken, but aint nobody got time for that.)


and speaking of boxing:

(b)est workout: power hour boxing at title boxing club at north station


ive never boxed before (unless you count cardio kickboxing at BSC- which you shouldnt.) i was a little nervous beforehand since i have like negative upper body strength, but the folks at title were super helpful and helped us wrap up our hands and get our gloves so we could set up at a bag. seriously, by the end of the hour i could not move (but in a good way.) i wish they club offered single class passes instead of monthly only since i just resigned my BSC membership and am too poor to do both but i highly recommend doing their free first class if youre interested (just head over to their website and fill out the form- link above!)


(had to get one cat in here…)

(also- i just started the core fusion 30 day sculpt and will def have to do a review of it once im a little further in, but so far i really like it! a heads up if you plan on buying it, you need hand weights, a yoga mat and an exercise ball to accompany the dvd- but i was able to get all for under $40 on amazon! considering the classes are $25 each… not a bad investment.)

(b)est new fraaaand: lola the puppy

IMG_9762likeeeee could she be any cuter?! found out brodie got a new puppy when i was home last month and was SO excited to get back and snuggle with her smushy little face. we went on a long walk this weekend (4 miles or so!) and it was so fun having a little companion.

(b)est purchase: mini flamingo floats from amazon.com

IMG_9969more to come on mgs bachelorette in miami, but these little guys were so much fun! i only wish i had got like 800 more. with summer parties coming up, i high recommend purchasing some of these little guys!

(b)est new tv show: the royals on e!

The Royals - Season: 1

im prettyyyyy obsessed with prince liam this show and i want need to be ophelia. its like gossip girl meets the royal family. theres only five or so episodes i think, and they are all on on demand, so if you ever find yourself in chuck/blair withdrawal (and if you have a mild obsession with the royal family) def check it out!

…ok so there are like 80000 other things i want to talk about but im exhausted so headed to bed! be back soon.


#TBT new years eve (while i wait for comcast.)

i should have known when comcast told me theyd be here between 8-9am there was no way that would actually happen. (my just recently swapped out cable box decided to die yesterday morning. joy.) so since i have no idea when they’ll be here, i figured id do a little #tbt to new years eve!

im not a huge fan of new years. theres always so much hype/pressure to have OMGthebest plans. personally, im totally content with a house party or a low key dinner! so thats what we did.


joce was a doll and had us all over for a little new year pregame. being the amaze hostess that she is, she had tons of snacks and drinks for us. cheers!

i tried not to snack too much because busa and i had dinner reservations at 9pm at bostonia public house. i failed at that miserably but always have room for more food. id been here a few times for drinks before, but somehow never actually ate there.


we decided to start off with our favorite- a dozen oysters.
im pretty sure we got duxbury…
maybe wellfleet (but i could be wrong.) 

deeeelicious as always. for my entree, i decided on the george banks scallops (saffron ricotta dumplings, merguez sausage, zucchini, tomato confit.) granted im a total sucker for scallops, but these were seriously SO good.


check out the sear on those puppies! the ricotta dumplings were also super tasty- definitely cleaned plate. totally recommend this dish if you go!

busa opted to get two starters instead of an entree. her choices were the fork tender meatballs (parmesan cheese, basil oil) and the clam chowder (leek, celery, bacon, local new potatoes.) i didnt try either (was too busy woofing down my own meal) but they looked delicious.

IMG_7113oh, and since it was new years, bostonia gave us party hats, beads, noisemakers and a glass of ze bubbles at midnight. sweet. love me some free swag.


a little dark- my bad.

….and perfect timing, comcast just got here! a bit belated- but happy new year 🙂 hope everyone had a great time, has a wonderful thursday, and that you have better luck with your cable box than i did. fingers crossed this one lasts more than six months…