sentence per picture.

oh hai. long time no talk. the past few months have been beyonddd busy- but no complaints here! i really wish i had been better about posting because now there is just SO much stuff to catch up on, i seriously dont even know where to begin. (ive already started this post and deleted it three times cause i just have zero clue what to start with- everything has been so fun!)

so instead of a normal post, im going to do a little sentence per picture photo dump and maybe at some point ill get around to writing up full posts! enjoy! (oh, and if you follow me on instagram you may have seen some of these… sorrynotsorry in advance..)

miami is kinda pretty (and kinda warm.)


there are not nearly enough fruity cocktails in my life.
(alternate sentence: pina coladas are worth every calorie.)


summer officially began when i ordered my first twist cone with rainbow sprinks.

IMG_0247im really bad at salsa dancing, but had a blast cha cha cha-ing with my fairfield ladies.

IMG_0268apparently at 4am and after several glasses of wine i think im quail man. 

IMG_0317professional football players are seriously ginormous.


southerners know whats up when it comes to breakfast.

IMG_0891dont think its possible to be happier for these two love birds.

IMG_0931and theres nothing better than catching up with mah sistahs. #RideOrDie

IMG_1008lola took to canada and lake life quite well.

IMG_1138the spinach with ricotta salata and truffle honey at babbo could be my new favorite salad.

IMG_1190the belmont stakes was equal parts fun and equal parts waiting in line to go to the bathroom. 

IMG_2134while the jp morgan corporate challenge was equal parts fun and equal parts OMGItsSoHumid (i finished fourth for women in our office though, so ill take it!)


my little brother graduated from high school (AHHH!)


but seriously, where did the time go?! (and why did i get the midget genes.)


i had a bit too much fun shopping for decorations for allis engagement party.


while victoria crushed the avocado toast bar- talk about delicious eats.

IMG_3324…and lets not forget about dessert.

IMG_3363orrrr the cosmos. (be more sex & the city. you cant.)

IMG_3407pinatas are seriously underrated and im taking a firm stance that all parties i attend from now on need one.

billy joel at fenway was pretty much amazing.

IMG_3650im surprised alli and i had voices the next day- SO much white girl screaming/singing.

IMG_3892billy seemed to be having a good time too. 

oh yeah, and i chopped off my hair (unintentionally.) not a happy camper, but making it work.


danny and i are, like, so pensive and artsy, right? (username: brittanyshelby)

IMG_3921oh, and in case you missed my 500 snaps/instagrams- freedom boat club is back in action.

IMG_4102“im the king of the world” (or at least maybe the part of the harbor that faces mirabella.)


oh, and before i forget- this stuff is for adding in some volume without the hairspray super crunch. 

IMG_4156most random post ever? yes. but now we are kinda (?) current. will be talking to ya soon- but for now, goodnight folks!



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