{WIAW} Haru Sushi Boston

a few weeks ago i was lucky enough to be invited to taste the new seasonal spring delights menu at haru and was super excited. (fun fact: haru means spring in japanese! well, at least i think so. hope im not pulling a lohan here...) a while back i attended their sushi class and had such a great time (and great eats!) so i was def pumped to head back.

bruce and i arrived at six and we were seated in their back private room. this room had fun chandeliers, a big table and would be perfect for a birthday party or private celebration (shower, bachelorette party, etc.) i unfortunately forgot to snap a picture, but was able to find one here. at each seat was our menu for the night:

IMG_0751after a quick glance, i knew we were in for quite a treat! traffic was tres miz (damn sox game), but we were greeted with the strawberry margarita (avion tequila, agave nectar, lime juice, fresh strawberries and basil) which def improved our moods!


these. were. goooood. definitely on the sweeter side, but the basil gave it a little savory flavor. im not usually a margarita fan but i had three of these. as mentioned in my previous post, im trying to be better about my diet, so in preparation of stuffing my face a meal out,  i tried not to eat too much during the day- a greek yogurt, some carrots and cucumbers, and a chicken breast- so i was starvedddd. thankfully the first course did not disappoint.

FullSizeRenderguinea pepper ceviche
(octopus, shrimp, bay scallops, citrus ginger marinade.)

im a HUGE octopus fan these days (if you follow me on instagram you’ll see a few ladies called me out on the it. its literally almost all i ate in miami. so good!) this was very light, a bit tart, but very fresh tasting. perfect start to the meal!

next up was the cockles (saltwater clams in spring garlic dashi broth)


the only complaint we had about this dish was that there wasnt bread (or a straw) to soak up the dashi with because it was ahhh-mazing. seriously. i was drinking it out of a clam shell. classy b, classy. right after this dish came out the head chef, who came up from NYC for the event, came out to greet us and someone else mentioned the same thing to him! great minds think alike… so hopefully if you go and order this dish youll get bread. (if not, seriously ask for a spoon.)

at this point we were ready to test out the next drink, the black sapphire (bombay sapphire gin, domaine de canton ginger liqueur, shaken with crushed blackberries and yuzu.)

DSCN1055im not usually a huge gin fan (nor is bruce) but the christmas tree taste was minimal in this and you really got a strong hint of fruit/freshness. (my first time having gin was my sophomore year in college and i thought it was water and chugged an entire glass of it, so ive been anti-gin since then. mother- if youre reading this, that last sentence didnt happen.) anyways, it was good! (although the rita is still the winner of the night.)

next up was the charred beef tenderloin (mizuna, daikon, togarashi vinigarette.)


(sorry this guys a little dark)

the acidity in the slaw (and the sauce served with it) paired really well with the beef. the pieces were a bit on the larger side to not have knives, but brodie and i clearly had no problem devouring. (but maybe not an ideal dish for a first date? or, just ask for a knife when you get your spoon for the dashi.)

while i probably had hit my calorie count for the day at this point, the grilled lamb sirloin (with pickled cucumber salad) was up next and what respectable greek could say no to that?!


again, we probably could have used a knife, but it was cooked perfectly and surprising paired well with the other asian flavors/sauces. def a big fan. plate. cleared. 

and last but not least, probably my favorite dish of the night (and sadly the dish i got the worst picture of) was served. meet the oscar roll (beef tataki, snow crab, asparagus, lemon dressing.)

FullSizeRender_1this roll was literally everything you could ask for! meat. seafood. veg. spicy mayo-ey dressing on the side. YUM. was seriously impressed by this bad boy. they nailed the whole “land meats sea” thing (i realized when proof reading i wrote meats instead of meets, but i think it works so im leaving it haha.) would 100% go back just for this dish!

seriously stuffed (and over my calorie count by like double) brodie and i headed back to the north end for a little celebratory nightcap (hes moving back! hooray!!) and now im off to bed so i can get up and attempt to stick to my workout plan for the day. just say no to snooze brittany.*

again, thanks to the chef and staff at haru for hosting brodie and i. and thanks to jenn for hosting {WIAW!}


* edit: i snoozed from 6:20am to 7:40 this morning so  my workout did NOT happen. fail. guess i know what im doing tonight!


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