truthful tuesday.

alternate titles:

  • i need to sew my mouth shut tuesday
  • stop ordering sides of mayonnaise tuesday
  • go for a run, netflix will be there when you get back tuesday

but instead, im going to go with truthful tuesday. back in 2009/2010 i was definitely at my lowest adult weight (and was clearly psychotic, because i wanted to lose at least 10-15lbs more…) while shopping was infinitely more fun and less resembled sausage making, going to the gym to do the stairmill on a friday night and then eating lettuce and cucumbers after with my cat was not.


skip forward three years and about 85,000 busch lattes and burgers later and i had gained a good twenty pounds. WOOF. not ok. (especially since im a midge at 5’3.) granted my weight before was not realistically maintainable, i knew i needed to loose ten, ideally fifteen, of those bad boys.


i removed the numbers because you realllly dont need to know that,
sorry interweb friends

as you can see my weight fluctuates ALOT on a daily basis… but after about a year and a half, i got off almost all of the lbs i wanted…. anddddd then i put them all back on again in the past six months….




SO i’m back where i was two years ago and i’m officially (re)starting up a workout routine and going to try and make healthier choices. there’s no way in h-e-doublehockeysticks im going to stop going out to eat/drink (helloooo, its my favorite) but i need to step up my running and gym visits majorly and opt for more healthy selections when i am out (more 80/20 than the current 60/40). also maybe need to cut out the late night trips to 7-11 for funyons. and chipwiches. and pizza. with ranch. <-#OMGfatkid

i signed up for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge 5K in June through work and my goal is to beat my fastest 5K time (which was 28:07.) i prefer running longer distances so i can eat more after, and was always content if i kept my pace in between nine and ten minute miles.  but considering this is the first year i dont have a half marathon (SAD- no new metals 😦 ) im going to try and focus the next few weeks on getting my 5k time down. we’ll see how that goes…


dragged my butt out of bed this morning even though it was drizzling, windy, and gross and went for a run around mah ‘hood. (the perimeter of the north end is almost exactly 1.5 miles, which is pretty convenient when you’re aiming for three!)


clearlyyyyyyyyyy we have some work to do here… BUT considering i havent run outside since, oh, i dont know…. (no really, i dont know) ill take it! my legs started feeling better towards the end (the first four miles are always the hardest for me!) so im confident in the next month or so i can get my time down. mission sub 28: accepted.

oh and this is exactly how i felt when i walked outside this morning. anyone else obsessed with marnie as much as me?! i die.

when i got back from the run i did day 2 of the core fusion 30 day sculpt. i really love that each video is only about twenty minutes long- so its really easy to squeeze in in the morning. (granted, i did snooze through day one and had to do it last night… but in theory its really easy to do in the morning… im so lazy slash addicted to snooze. mission stop snoozing: accepted.)


the core fusion set up.
(cat not included)

of course day two is thigh tone- exactly what i wanted to do after running for the first time in forever. gah. thankfully there was only a few tough(er) pulsing segments so i was able to make it through- but really hoping tomorrow incorporates more arms again- they need some work!

i usually am a BIT more accountable exercise wise when i (b)log about it, but don’t want to bore you all the time- so maybe will just do little updates on tuesday about the weeks workouts, whats working (and whats not.)

this weeks the plan is:

  • Monday: CF Sculpt (done!)
  • Tuesday: Run + CF Sculpt (done!)
  • Wednesday: CF Sculpt
  • Thursday: Run + CF Sculpt
  • Friday: Barre class with MG in Atlantaaaaa
  • Saturday: Off (but with LOTS of dancing at the wedding!)
  • Sunday: Off (traveling)

oh, and im desperately in need of a new pair of sneakers and am leaning towards these bad boys:


i tend to bounce back and forth between brooks and asics, but always end up loving my brooks. i usually wear the adrenalines, but based on my foot type i can wear either (and letssssbehonest those transcends are right up my color alley!)

anywho, now im off to, you guessed it, eat! <- the struggle is real.


but like, seriously, probably.



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