cross your fingers.

so tonight i had planned on telling you all about the fun (and delicious eats) I had at julie’s bridal shower this weekend in connecticut.

and i had planned on telling you about the new book im starting to read thanks to the nice folks at runners world Meb For Mortals: How to Run, Think, and Eat like a Champion Marathoner. 

oh, and I planned on telling you about two awesome gym classes I’m taking this week- my first barry’s boot camp tomorrow and a boxing class at title boxing club wednesday.

…but then my laptop wouldn’t turn on

the screen won’t turn on. and when I plug it into my tv you can see it’s in an endless reset/reboot loop. until it gets stuck and wigs out and asks me to reset my password over. and over. and over…

there were no genius Bar appointments til thursday, so now I just have to cry wait and see if they can fix it…. fingers crossed

(if they can’t, expect me to be in a very depressed/bad mood… fair warning…)


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