last weeks eats: kitchen!

restaurant week and i def have a love hate relationship. typically i love it for the lunch deals (im looking at you mooo) but am not a huge fan of the dinner deals. the RW menus at the restaurants i want to try are usually extremely limited and honestly id just rather go and spend the $38 towards the one entree i want rather than one i kinda want paired with a house salad and scoop of sorbet. pass.

kitchen, however, had a killer restaurant week menu and i was pumped when t suggested we head over there for a jana night! kitchen has been open for two years now (i think) and focuses on vintage american recipes (their tagline, per their website, is old is new.) its a super cute spot tucked away garden level on tremont (560 to be exact) and its one of those places ive been wanting to try since it opened but just always kindaaa forget it exists! forget no more.

kitchen sign

view from our booth by the window.
early bird special for us per usual!
but dont let the sun fool you, it was freezing…

first things first, t and i started with a bottle of chardonnay. per dans recommendation, i was drawn to the russian river valley bottle- and it turns out t and jt had actually visited that vineyard when they were in cali! sold. #smalldeliciousworld


first up was our apps. i was torn between the six fried oysters (salsa verde, tartar sauce, lemon) the french onion soup (oxtail, crouton, comte cheese) which ive been craving since vegas and the mushrooms under glass (ricotta cheese, toast). i ended up going with the oysters and was VERY pleased with my choice. check these bad boys outttt


seriously so good. and so big! after the six of these and the bread & oil they started us off with, i probably could have (should have?) stopped here and called it a night. my waistline agrees. the part i wasnt sure about when making my decision was the salsa verde, but it was more of a pesto consistency/taste than salsa to me. like. (you cant really see it in these pics, sorry.) while i inhaled those, t worked on her arugula salad (burrata cheese, parma prosciutto, lemon) that was actually more burrata than arugula <- no complaints there. kp got the boston bibb lettuce salad (vinaigrette, herbs, cheese cracker) that also looked tasty!

up next was the entrees, which brings me to my one complaint about kitchen. the food (if you havent guessed already) was all wonderful, and the servers were super friendly, but the timing of the courses was super rushed. our entrees came out before teresa was even halfway finished with her app. i can understand if its slammed and peak dinner hours, but it was 5:30 at this point with plenty of open seats… (this happened again with entree to dessert… grrr…) anways, moving on! back to ze food.

steak1i dont typically cook a lot of red meat for myself, so if it sounds appealing to me on a menu i usually will opt for it over say the salmon or chicken. my waistline disagrees with this. kp and i were on the same page and went for the beef tenderloin (asparagus, caramelized onion & gorgonzola, polenta, black truffle, madeira.) really good. my tenderloin was a little over cooked, but thats my fault for going with her suggestion of medium rare- i should always go with rare (slash still mooing.) t pointed out i used to eat a lot of polenta, and shes right! i kinda forgot about it over the past few years, but def need to add it back into my rotation. yum.

t went with the other entree i was eyeing, the lobster thermidor (spinach, cheese, cream, parisian gnocchi.) it looked creamy and delicious and im pretty sure based on her finishing it all she’d recommend it! (note: we all cleaned plate every course. that doesnt say much for me, but for normal humans who consume normal portions i think that does!)

next up: dessert!

cheesecakewe had a few options to chose from and although the ice cream came highly recommended by both servers that came by our table, t and i opted to go with the cheesecake (butterscotch & caramel sauces) and kp went with the chocolate pudding (cocoa nibs & whipped cream).

random fact: in college mary grace told me i make a smacking sound when i eat pudding and because of that she hated when id get a bowl in the dining hall. over ten years later i am still kinda pudding conscious. dont worry mg, it doesnt stop me from actually ordering/eating it, but i think about it every time i see it on a menu. loveyouuuu.

anyways, the cheesecake was super rich and hit the spot. usually i instantly regret not getting the chocolate thing (and i usually dont even like cheesecake all that much) but there was something about this one that i really liked. i actually think i liked it because it had lumps of cream cheese in it (you can kinda see them in the pics) which i dont think is how its supposed to actually be made (?), but i totally digged it.

so was this a good deal? you betcha! the six oysters usually go for $12, the beef tenderloin $30 and the cheesecake $8. for you non-math majors (ha! i still used a calculator), thats a grand total of $50- and we paid $38! sweeeet.


verdict: this place is a restaurant week must go-to spot, hands down! non restaurant week (aka 95% of the year)- its a little above my price point to make it a regular spot, but i def suggest trying it out if you are looking for someplace new!

on my way back to CT now for a friends bridal shower and im so hungry its not even funny. i purposefully ate a late lunch, so in reality im probably only just a little hungry, but writing this did not help. if only i still had my leftovers from maggianos (i left them in the cab… shocker…)





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