work it out wednesday.

the countdown to miami is ON folks! the fact that i have to be in a bathing suit in one month is terrifying a little intimidating. especially considering this was my breakfast last saturday… whoops


 um…at least it was light ranch?!…

needless to say i was super excited to find out that flywheel was launching their flybarre program in boston and i was invited to try it out! ive never done a barre class but mary grace had told me how much she loved it, and how effective it was, so i was pretty excited to give it a go.

for those not familiar with barre, the classes range anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. they are high energy and systematically work each muscle group – targeting arm, abdominal, thigh and seat regions through a sequence of focused movements, or “pulses.” (<- description provided by the lovely folks at flybarre.)

IMG_9326i roped alli into coming with me and we headed over to their location in the pru (its located in the belvedere pavilion for you boston folks.) the space itself is bright, well organized and full of energy. there are little computers on the wall you use to check in and lockers to store all your stuff. the lockers have programable locks on them- so no need to bring your own (although i did mine wrong and had to have them open it for me at the end. twice now. fail.)

FlyBarre (2)

once you get there, you grab two sets of weights (they range from 1lb to 5lbs- we chose 2lbs and 3lbs) and then head to your assigned mat that you pick out when you register for the class. waiting for you there are two sets of resistance bands and a ball thingy (<- yes, thats the technical name for it.)

our instructor stephanie started the music, gave us a little rundown on what to expect, and then kicked off the class. granted im not in my best shape ever- i wouldnt say im exactly at my worst either. but HOLY MOLY within five minutes my body was literally shaking. i tried my best to complete each exercise (and stephanie was great and came around and corrected my form a lot when needed) but i probably was only about to complete 85% of the workouts/pulses. that ish is HARD.


lets just say i dont think ive ever been in so much pain after a workout. rolling over in bed last night literally hurt. two days later my “abs” are still burning. success? as my mother always says… beauty is pain. and because i still need to use quotes around the word “abs”, alli and i are planning on going back next week sometime! here’s hoping ill be able to do a few more pushups and a few more squats…

while we were there i noticed that the spin class seemed bumpin and decided i would head back and try it out as well. i was able to reserve a bike tonight at six and headed over after work!


similar to the barre class, when you register online you pick out your bike. then when you get there and sign in, you look in a little cubby that has your bikes number on it and they have a pair of spin shoes ready for you to slip on! (you put in your height, weight, age and shoe size online when you create your profile.)

they dont allow phones in the room, so no pics, but there are three tiers of bikes with the instructor front and center.  similar to the recycle class i did two weeks ago, i LOVED that they turned the lights down low so it was pretty dark in the studio with just a light on the instructor.

but what i really loved about this class (and what differentiates it in my mind) is that all the bikes have little screens in the center that tell you the torque (resistance) you are at and your RPMs. when you are doing the workouts, the instructor tells you what range you should be keeping both in- which is super helpful. im always worried im not doing it right!

giphyif youre into competition, you can opt to have your numbers up on a board in the front of the class too where you can try to beat the other people there. (ill let you guess what i opted for…)

so colin our instructor was AMAZING. he had so much energy and was super motivational- sometimes i find all the yelling annoying, but he def got me pumped up. (you could also see like steam rising from his body he was working out so hard. also motivating. i wanna steam tooooo.) despite being sore still from barre, i def pushed myself and it felt good!

are you ready for my FAVORITE part of this class?!
(besides the moment it was over)

IMG_9324after youre done working out, you can log into the app and see your personal statistics that get uploaded straight from your bike right to your phone! remember how i mentioned you put in your stats when you create your profile? they use that to estimate your calories burned- which i love! always good to have a gauge of how much you actually burned. theres another page too that tells you where you ranked in the class (even if you dont opt to have your info on the board) and i ended up smack dab in the middle, which im pretty proud of! i def thought id be more towards the bottom.

so. cool.

tumblr_mo5akcy1qU1sumcjwo1_500it was in the 50’s today, which felt more or less like summer, so i walked home from the spin class- which is a little over two miles. needless to say i was HUNGRY when i got home. wanna guess what i ate first?


YUP. straight up avocado toast monster these days. while i shoveled this into my mouth as fast as possible, i also baked up a couple eggs in this cute little ramekin i got at the hardware store the other day.


i greased the little guy with olive oil and then added in two whole eggs and one egg white and topped with some salt, pepper, and garlic powder. this went into a 375 degree oven for about twenty minutes. i ate it a piece of lightly toasted rye on the side to dip into the yolky goodness. it totally hit the spot!

totally unrelated- the other day i found a cd of all pictures from first semester of freshman year and had a BLAST going down memory lane!

B's Room

my dorm pre-sorority was a little less pink & blue
and a lot more hippie.
what is up with that fiber optic lamp?! oy….
also- i spy a lamb chop doll. its amazing i made friends.

Britt Dorm 2

i seriously got so emo flipping through some of the pics- we had such a great time! i was so lucky to get put on a floor with some great gals, a few i still consider my best friends today!

Picture 029mmmm pizza.

Crawford floor one

in fact, i just got mary graces wedding invitation today! YAY! crawford love ❤ now its time to go do a little crafting for her bachelorette…. those sorority paint pen skills are proving themselves to be veryyyyy useful right about now. miami or bust.

hope everyone had a great day (and maybe a great workout!)



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