#TBT new years eve (while i wait for comcast.)

i should have known when comcast told me theyd be here between 8-9am there was no way that would actually happen. (my just recently swapped out cable box decided to die yesterday morning. joy.) so since i have no idea when they’ll be here, i figured id do a little #tbt to new years eve!

im not a huge fan of new years. theres always so much hype/pressure to have OMGthebest plans. personally, im totally content with a house party or a low key dinner! so thats what we did.


joce was a doll and had us all over for a little new year pregame. being the amaze hostess that she is, she had tons of snacks and drinks for us. cheers!

i tried not to snack too much because busa and i had dinner reservations at 9pm at bostonia public house. i failed at that miserably but always have room for more food. id been here a few times for drinks before, but somehow never actually ate there.


we decided to start off with our favorite- a dozen oysters.
im pretty sure we got duxbury…
maybe wellfleet (but i could be wrong.) 

deeeelicious as always. for my entree, i decided on the george banks scallops (saffron ricotta dumplings, merguez sausage, zucchini, tomato confit.) granted im a total sucker for scallops, but these were seriously SO good.


check out the sear on those puppies! the ricotta dumplings were also super tasty- definitely cleaned plate. totally recommend this dish if you go!

busa opted to get two starters instead of an entree. her choices were the fork tender meatballs (parmesan cheese, basil oil) and the clam chowder (leek, celery, bacon, local new potatoes.) i didnt try either (was too busy woofing down my own meal) but they looked delicious.

IMG_7113oh, and since it was new years, bostonia gave us party hats, beads, noisemakers and a glass of ze bubbles at midnight. sweet. love me some free swag.


a little dark- my bad.

….and perfect timing, comcast just got here! a bit belated- but happy new year 🙂 hope everyone had a great time, has a wonderful thursday, and that you have better luck with your cable box than i did. fingers crossed this one lasts more than six months…



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