beat eats, a birthday & more angry snow talk.

sorry for not posting yesterday, but it basically took until this morning to thaw out and regain feeling in my limbs. slight exaggeration, but not really

im pretty confident youre all probably thinking “why were you working on presidents day and not curled up under a blanket in sweatpants?” good question.

we get to take off two out of three “optional” holidays a year (presidents day, patriots day, columbus day) and this year i chose patriots and columbus. this will be totally awesome for marathon monday and the day after i turn the age that shall not be named, but it did not feel so awesome on monday walking through the arctic tundra that is currently boston. (it was also totally a ghost town. i think i saw five people tops on my walk to work.)


it says one degree
but it was “feels like” -23

so lets back up to a happier time, shall we?  thursday was pretty low key and i spent my night getting some valentines ready to pass out at work! i really wanted to get the box of cute baby animals, but i figured most people would appreciate candy over kittens, so i went with skittles. i also maybe wanted some candy too.


someone does not need any extra treats-
ill give you a hint: his name rhymes with muster.
seriously, check out those arm fat flaps…

IMG_8505t sent me this magnet
and buster & i can seriously relate to it.

speaking of teresa, friday night i headed over to back bay social club for jt’s surprise 30th birthday party! t did a great job and jt was totally surprised- hooray!!! i actually hadn’t been there in forever (pretty sure the last time i went was in 2011, cray) and i forgot how much i like the little downstairs space they have. its great for larger groups of people looking to mingle and get their drank on.


it’s not so great, however, for taking pictures. most of the pictures came out super dark, but this one i was (kinda) able to salvage! also, just got this faux wrap dress at macys on sale the other day- i really love it. you can definitely wear it out or to work. or just lounging around your house if thats your thang (its super soft and comfy.)

oh, and i typically never (ever) order chardonnay, but teresa was drinking it so i decided to get a glass as well. WHOA. i have been missing out (and ordering the wrong thing!) she asked for a “buttery” chardonnay (i think ive always bought unoaked) and it. was. good.


had such a fun time celebrating jt and catching up with some friends i hadnt seen since their wedding! plus, not much beats getting jana’d- we missed you kp!

as they say,
time flies when youre having fun
and pretty soon it was valentines dayyyyy


valentines day morning was obviously spent with the OB (original bae.) can i use this time to mention how much i hate the word bae? i do, however, love when snapchat does these little custom filter thingies.

after some netflix binging (ive been watching documentaries on the us presidents, really good!) and a cat nap or two, it was time to get ready for dinner!

IMG_8541shocker: i wore black.
(love that this dress has pockets. #bobbypinstorage)
double shocker: it was snowing. so i wore boots.
(not the same boots, i got mine a few years ago, but very similar.)

we ended up going to the beat hotel (aka beat brasserie) in harvard square- hooray for a trying a new place! the beat hotel is run by the same group as the beehive (which is one of my fav spots in boston) and it did not disappoint.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 9.18.31 PMi didnt take any pics, so snagged this one from their insta.

we got there a bit before our reservation, so we grabbed a drink at the bar (i went with a chardonnay again and steve got a fishermans brew amber lager that was really good) and listened to the first jazz performer.

once we got to our table i was starving (again, shocker.) we decided to start with a carafe of the syrah, the steamed pei mussels (lager/old bay/tomato) and a wedge salad. for our entrees, i decided on a salmon with fingerling potatoes and some other stuff (i cant find it online) and steve got the grilled lamb lolipops (sardinian couscous, winter greens, tart cherry jus).


again, no pictures taken.
but in case you need a visual:
this closely resembled me.

unfortunately, they brought out our entrees before our apps even came out (they had lost our app ticket), but our waiter was super apologetic and had them fire off our apps and then said hed bring us new entrees after. the second act had gone on stage and was great (plus they gave me bread), so we werent really in a rush anyways!

whoa. the broth the mussels were in… worth. the. wait. i also hadnt had a wedge salad in forever and it was delish! i may have bought stuff to make one for myself this week. my salmon was perfectly cooked as was the lamb. oh, and the waiter brought us out a raspberry/blackberry mousse at the end of the meal which was a great way to end a great meal and a great valentines day!

IMG_8429❤ hope everyone else had a great weekend as well ❤

sigps: did you watch the SNL anniversary special? if not- its on demand. def watch it now! i think this was my fav (celebrity jeopardy was pretty good too, of course.)


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