top ten thursday.

figured id mix things up this thurday and do a post on the top ten things im digging right now. hope you enjoy!

1. better call saul: i was super obsessed with breaking bad but to be honest i wasnt sure how i was going to feel about better call saul. i mean, letsbehonest, with the exception of a few spinoffs (cheers/fraiser, happy days/laverne and shirley, laguna beach/the hills), they are usually pretty terrible (friends/joey, pretty little liars/ravenswood, and perhaps the worst of all- saved by the bell/saved by the bell: the college years.)

but surprisingly, i really loved the first two episodes of better call saul! the first episode was a little slow and is more setting the scene- but the second episode was great. i cant wait to find out more about each characters back history (and see if saul ever has enough parking stickers.)

1423679888665.cached2.) lennon & maisy: sticking with the tv theme, you may know these two from the show nashville. i randomly had stumbled upon them a few years ago on youtube (i think) and instantly fell in love. they are so awesome and if i ever have kids they best come out singing and strumming a guitar like these two. anyways, their new cover of “boom clap” came out and im legit obsessed. (its basically been on repeat.) def check them out!

3.) hamlet the pigs birthday party
: i already (b)logged about hammys birthday party. but im seriously beyond obsessed. and i need my 30th birthday (AHHHHHH IM OLD) to be an exact replica or i may die. slight exaggeration. but not really.


4.) dr. jart+ ceramidin cream:  ive been extremely lucky since high school and (knock on wood) my face hardly ever breaks out. i usually stick to just dove soap & water and lubriderm when necessary. but the past year or two my skin tends to get very dry in the winter. queue dr. jart+ ceramidin cream. i love this stuff because its thick but doesnt feel overly greasy, smells great, and lasts longer than any other face lotion ive used. it’s a bit pricey, but a little bit goes a longgg way.



5.) the daily skimm: with D&C not on NESN anymore (boo), i usually try and put the news on in the morning while im getting ready. but considering im also usually running late (the snooze button is the devil), i tend to not really tune into anything but the weather. what i love about the daily skimm is it summarizes all the big news stories in a fun, easy to understand way and also links to more in depth articles. its perfect to read on my walk to work and i feel so much better having at least a little knowledge of whats going on in the world!

here is a sample from part of todays!


6. truck day! today is truck day- aka the day where the red sox equipment gets shipped down to florida for spring training. baseball season is my favorite season and i cannot wait to get back to fenway park! hopefully the team doesnt suck is better this year, but regardless- gimme a beer, a fenway frank or five, and wally and i am one happy b.


7. blackbird doughnuts: ok, so i havent actuallyyyy had their doughnuts yet but i am absolutely dyinggg to go. in case you missed it, blackbird doughnuts is brought to us by the gallows group (aka my favorite restaurant in boston.) their flavors range from classic to whacky and if i dont get my hands on a lemon coconut and a chocolate cake soon i may cry. (my pants, however, might be thankful.)


8.) strawberrry starburst gum: the flavor lasts for just about as long as it will take you to read this sentence. but man oh man is it a good ten seconds.



9. serverus snape scenes in chronological order: at the risk of sounding like a total dork, i love harry potter. they were the first books i ever voluntarily chose to read. and yes, i sobbed while reading the last one. after finishing the last book, i was a huge snape fan- and this little compilation i found yesterday made me tear up. good work fellow muggle.


and last but not least….





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