{WIAW} simple snow day salmon.

know what the only redeeming part of being surrounded by ten foot snow piles is?

snow days.

working from home. in bed. in pajamas. staying out a little later than you should on a school night because, hello, you get to work from home. in bed. in pajamas.

and another perk of a snow day: cooking lunch in an oven that does not use microwaves. (something about snow makes me want to eat. nonstop. my stomach apparently missed the memo that my body already has enough blubber to get through winter…)


mary grace had sent me a recipe a bit ago for salmon and spinach in parchment paper and let me tell you, it’s a keeper. (i had originally planned on making this for dinner, but because of the snow and flight delays, dinner got rainchecked and turned into one heck of a snow day lunchtime feast!)


i followed the recipe exactly with a few exceptions.

  • i cut the recipe in half
  • i added in a clove of crushed/minced garlic
  • i used this method of folding the parchment paper instead of the one they used in the video. honestly- folding the parchment is the most difficult part of the entire recipe. everything else (including clean up!) is easy peasy.
  • i cooked for 20 minutes because my salmon was pretty thick at parts

oh and i think plain ol’ navel oranges work best in the recipe, but i have also made it with cara cara oranges and mg uses grapefruits- so pick the citrus fruit you like (or have!)


finished product right outta the oven.

seriously. so good. we had caprese and potatoes (that i didnt quite cook long enough, dang) so i didnt make another veggie. but its worth noting that the spinach does shrink down a lot, so you might want to make some extra spinach or another veggie on the side!

also worth noting if you live in or near the north end- i get my salmon from the north end fish market. not only are they super helpful and friendly, their fresh salmon is always delicious! (i think its leaps and bounds better than whole foods salmon.) oh, and monicas mercato has the best buffalo mozzarella. if you are planning on making caprese, definitely make a point to swing by there and grab a ball or two! (youll never buy the shrink wrapped balls of mozz again!)

i probably should have called it quits on the food intake for the day after this meal, but that would have been healthy and responsible of me. so instead, i met up with victoria and we trekked through the snow to vitos were we split mozz sticks, truffle fries, and the best invention ever: the parm dog.


meet the parm dog:
breaded and fried hot dog.

sauce & melted fresh mozz.

…and keeping with tradition, we headed over to the corner cafe for cosmos and scratchies to finish up the night.

IMG_8390so much read: too much fun!

after consuming 5,309 calories, i was determined to eat healthy the rest of the week. had a greek yogurt for breakfast. a salad for lunch. and then kp surprised t and i with valentines day cupcakes from crumbs….


how can you say no to that?!
thanks jana

…and thanks to jenn for hosting {WIAW}! going to watch the top chef finale and then hit the hay. talk to you soon!



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