so who else is over this snow?


this best be all of you out there.
but seriously. this snow has got to stop.

moving on… lets start with the best theme party of the year- bruces canadian tuxedo super bowl party. whether your team wins or loses, its a guaranteed success.

while i did have some leftover denim from years before, i decided to browse the internet for some new threads.  obviously my first search was for “cat denim dress” because hello- cats. denim. i hate pants. to my surprise, this lead me to etsy and to this beautiful little number.


bringing sexy back.

nothing like an embroidered cat denim jumper from the 70s to get the party started! i was so worried it wouldnt get here in time with the snow storm, but thankfully it got here friday night and fit like a glove. jk it was a bit snug around the tots. shocker.

purrrfect outfit in hand, a bunch of us decided to head back to ward 8 for a little pre-game brunch. we all started off with the bacon bloody marys like we did last time– seriously, so good. total shocker, i was torn on what to order (it was between the salmon cakes and the breakfast burger), but knowing id eat 5,000 calories later, figured i should go with the salmon over the burger and fries.


sorry for dem shadows.

queue two perfectly poached eggs on top of salmon cakes with a dill creme fraiche. the salmon cakes were very salmon-y with not a ton of filler. and after eating one full one i was pretty full (and should have stopped.) but i didnt. another winner at our table that i wouldnt have thought to order was the french toast casserole (brioche/cream cheese/fresh fruit/whipped cream.) it was HUGE and got rave reviews.

after stuffing face, it was time to go back and change for the partay. while i do think my outfit was clearly unbeatable, these two definitely got gold stars.


so adam just moved here and didnt have a canadian tuxedo.
i think the onesie is a decent substitute, no? 

im not sure it could have worked out more perfectly. 1.) we won the super bowl and 2.) we got a snow day. the only not perfect thing was getting home the next morning. holy snow.

oh, and forgot to mention that over the weekend teresa and i went to parla on hanover street (aka right down the road from me!)


its a super small spot but really enjoyed the ambiance.  ive been meaning to go for awhile and although im not a huge groupon person, we purchased one a few months ago for two cocktails and three small plates for $35. pretty good deal if you ask me!

they dont have their menu online, but i got some spicy tequila drink (that t ordered after her first, and i got again for a second) and woo, strong! but seriously good.


even though we had a huge (read: HUGE) jibby lunch at figaros, we decided on the maine mussels, the wild board meatballs and a polenta dish that isnt on the online menu. but seriously, all SO good. and all pretty decent portions for the price. (ive heard, however, the entrees are a bit overpriced for their portions. so maybe stick to drinks and small plates!)

oh, and they have a great gatsby themed brunch on sundays. i MUST go to.


oh, and to balance out the 576,923 calories ive ate in the past month (and since i have races in my near future), i ran three miles this week. HA. but, um… brutal. you would have thought i ran a marathon based on the redness in my face/the sweat on my shirt/the hyperventilation going on in my lungs. BUT, gotta start somewhere. and it felt good! since the race isnt til june, not going to go too crazy right now. going to aim for anywhere between 3-6 miles three or four times a week.


ok, so i still owe you the parade, a taco salad, and an awesome new salmon recipe. but im exhausted and im hoping for a snow day so going to bed. happy monday!



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