france (part une.)

where to begin! after eating my lobster roll, i headed over to my gate to get ready to board.  i had purposefully gone to bed late/woken up early so i could sleep most of the flight (which departed at 8pm.) with a full belly and having had a beer, i was ready to get in my seat and pass out.


i’d never flown internationally before
and was amazed at how big the plane was across!
(and that the booze is free. score.)

i fell asleep within an hour of taking off and passed out pretty hard for awhile. when i woke up, there was a weirdo man sitting next to me that was not there during takeoff and kept trying to talk to me, so i just put in my headphones and closed my eyes for the rest of the trip to avoid ending up being taken having to talk to him. pretty soon, we were about to land in paris!

IMG_1892they did serve dinner and breakfast on the plane, but i opted to wait and eat something once we got there. after playing charades with my cab driver since he didnt speak any english, i met up with mg and we headed straight to a bread shop! #gimmecarbs

IMG_1899mg ran in and grabbed two baguettes and then we went back to her place to devour. (for the record, the bread was awesome. as was the butter we ate it with. small local shops for the win.)


bonjour stitch!

mg had invited one of her friends to come over later that night, so the game plan was to head into town to get some snacks for the night and to grab a little something else to eat to hold us over! first stop: heaven. (aka the cheese shop.)

DSCN0870so. many. cheeses. seeing as i speak zero french, i pointed to ones that looked good and mg let me know what they were. the shop owner was so sweet (and spoke some english) and we ended up walking out with three different types of cheese.  we also went to a grocer and got some french breakfast radishes (i wish i could find them here, so fresh and delicious) and some house-made truffled salami (that im glad we don’t have here because i would eat it NON-stop.)

then it was time for crepes at mgs favorite creperie, ty koz! we started off with cider, which apparently is traditional (learn something new every day.) for some reason, i was picturing the cider to be hot, but it was served cold and i really enjoyed it even though im not a huge cider person.


i was planning on going for something more adventurous crepe wise, but i ended up going with my favorite, ham & cheese. if aint broke dont fix it, amiright.

DSCN0873i think the flour they use for the savory crepes is different than in the savory crepes you get here (you can tell its darker) and i really enjoyed it! it was a bit more hearty and suiting for the ingredients. that crepe had no chance. bellies full (and all the shops closing down- literally the town shuts down at 2pm til dinner) we headed back to get ready for the night!


said goodies from above.

pretty soon andy came back from class and their friend sam came over, who was awesome! in case youre a new reader, its pretty traditional that mg and i eat wayyy too much cheese and drink wayyy too much wine our first night together while we play catch up, so that table was basically cleared come the end of the night as were five bottles or so bottles of wine. and while we are discussing wine, you can get great bottles of wine there for like five euros (eight dollars)- reason enough to move if you ask me. 


french (wine & bulldog.)

mg had french class the next morning in town, so the plan was for me to go with her so i could walk around and take pictures (the chateau de fontainebleau is gorgeous), but jet lag hit me hard and i knew i needed to sleep otherwise id be totally useless the rest of the day. back to bed for moi!

next on the agenda, meeting Andy on campus for a little lunch and a tour of INSEAD! mg ended up getting soup and i got a coke light (which i think it tasted just like diet coke, but andy thinks it tastes a little different) and a baguette with goat cheese and another cheese i cant remember, walnuts, cranberries and greens. seriously, i wish my cafeteria at work made sandwiches like that- it was fabulous.


after andyroo gave me the grand tour, we headed back to the cafe to grab a beer. andy had some time to kill before he was speaking on a panel, and, well, mg and i were just thirsty. a few of his classmates/friends were also there, so we had a blast and another beer chatting away with them! once andy was done, we headed out since we had dinner plans that night, but made plans to meet up with some of them afterwards at a party.


dinner was at le bistrot de broc. i had heard really great things from everyone i met, so i was super excited for this meal. so thankful to have mg and andy as my translators because i did not understand a thing they said, but it still all somehow sounded delicious. (i also ended up in their storage room rather than the bathroom when trying to read signs by myself. le’fail.)


i ended up getting the grilled tuna with vegetables which was fabulous.


and mg ordered the lobster ravioli.
(i had a bite, and YUM.)

andy ordered the cassolette (unpictured) which was super hearty and tasty. oh, and im pretty sure we started with a warm goat cheese salad (which i remember being delicious) but for some reason didnt take a picture. probably because i was too busy eating it…

then it was time to partayyyy!


sippin on mini bottles of champagne in a chateau in france
bud light bottles in faneiul hall. (sorry boston.)

IMG_1925our only (poorly lit) picture is from this party.
we are always SO bad at taking pictures.
prob cause we’re too busy having funnnn.

let me just say they do not mess around with parties. lights, dj, bartenders… just a slight upgrade from the last time mg and i were dancing at a school party. (and we also didnt have to scrub a sticky basement floor the next day either… so theres that…)

the next day, MG and i headed over to barbizon to have lunch.


this is not where we ate, but isnt it cute?!

we ended up across the street at les biches. this place was SO unique and fun inside- i absolutely loved it. 



IMG_1936mg and i ordered a bottle of wine to share while looking over the menu. while we were sitting there, the couple next to us got burgers that looked amazing (they also then proceeded to make out heavily, which was less appetizing.) but i figured i probably shouldnt get a burger while in france, so decided to go with a croque monsieur.

IMG_1946seriously, how beautiful!
and it tasted just as good as it looked.
i could seriously live off ham, cheese and bread.

IMG_1950just casually posing with a gnome.
(mg, however, thinks its one of the seven dwarfs.)
agree to disagree.

on our way home we stopped to grab some more wine and mg asked if i wanted to pop into frederic cassel for some macarons (silly question, the answer is yes.)


the macarons.


hedgehog cakes!
(besides piglets, im also obsessed with hedgies these days.)

we decided to get eight to split that day and i ended up going back before i left to get two dozen for my parents. our eight were made up of three pistachio, two hazelnut, two raspberry, and one caramel.

IMG_1966the pistachio was definitely my favorite. when i went back i also got some of their homemade chocolates for my parents (grand marnier and rum raisin) which they said were really good. why is sugar so delicious.

we took a quick power nap and then opened some wine before getting ready for dinner! cant complain about snuggles with stitch.


after a quick costume change we were off to au sommelier du chateau in fontainebleau. we started with this bottle of merlot (which i typically dont order) but it was fabulous. good work ‘roo.


we started off with a board that had grilled squid, a truffle cheese dip, ham from local pigs (i think), and then crostini with a ham spread (i dont remember what they called it.)

IMG_2006the grilled squid and the truffle cheese dip were absolutely amazing. if i wouldnt be 2,000lbs, i would put that truffle cheese on errrythang. the squid was cooked perfectly, so for my main course i chose the calamari risotto.

IMG_2013 i ate everything but the flower on my plate. 

after dinner it was pretty late, so we decided to call it a night and head back to the house. andy had some work to do, so mg and i opened some wine and caught up on some (american) tv. wahhh i miss having my gitty in the states.

the next morning we got up early and headed to paris! but not before making a pit stop for some breakfast. in recent years, ive started to prefer more savory breakfasts over sweet, but this pain au chocolat had my name all over it. paired with an orangina, it hit the spot!


once we got to paris, they dropped me off at the eurostar before going to meet mr. & mrs. mock who were coming in for thanksgiving. andy was kind enough to come in with me and help me get my ticket (that dang language barrier.) the eurostar is really awesome, although i will say 100% get your tickets in advance. they were like 3-4x the cost the day of. ouch. live. and. learn. it was pretty freaky knowing you were under water, so i just put on music and tried to zone out. pretty soon i was in london and off to see pledge sister cec!

DSCN0888next up:
paris: part deux
(which has a lot more non food pictures, pinky swear.)

hope you all had a great weekend! ill be back tomorrow with an update on this past week which includes my first run in like, forever, brodies canandian tuxedo super bowl, the super bowl parade, and (you guessed it) more food and dranks.



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