throwback thursday: meeshy turns thirty!

hard to believe, but my replacement phone from insurance is already here! talk about speedy. i used my lunch break to walk home and get it since i knew i wouldnt be home til later anddd with my luck it would get stolen sitting outside my apartment. the extra trip (its 2.4 miles round trip to work) paired with a bunch of errands got me way over my steps goal for the day. go me! when i got home i figured i should continue being healthy. so i ate avocado toast with a side of reeses pieces for dinner. kidding. not kidding.

IMG_8025in case youre in the market for an activity tracker, i really love my up24 so far and would recommend it. i definitely check throughout the day to make sure im on track to hit my goal (well, during the week at least) and the sleep tracking feature is really neat and really good at pointing out how terrible i sleep.


the only thing i dont like is how it doesnt sync with my iphone behind the scenes (i have to open the app.) in the 30 hours i had my temporary LG android phone, it autorefreshed throughout the day giving me updates along the way! liked that. get on it apple.

in case you didnt figure it out yet, my day was pretty uneventful. figured this would be a good time to do the first of a few throwback thursday posts, (b)log style! first up: meeshy turns thirty!

the night before the big day, ali, jess, meeshy and i headed to local kitchen & beer bar in sono (there is a fairfield location as well.) we left a little on the early side to get the room set up and make sure everything with the snacks was in order. in the end, i think there were thirty or forty people there- such a blast!


i started off with one of michelles signature drinks- michelle’s magic mixer.

Untitledsuper tasty! (but also super sweet. i switched to makers and soda after two.) i had ate before i went so wasnt too hungry, but everyone was raving about the brussels sprouts and you dont have to twist my arm to eat so i snagged a small plate when they came out. YUM. def get the crispy brussels sprouts (bacon, cider, maple gastrique) if you go.

michelles sister has a cake/brownie pop business and brought the cutest pops shaped as party hats for the celebration! i think i ate three.


its always so fun catching up with these ladies!


and, of course, getting our c&c music factory on

IMG_5759(for you serial listeners, that creeper looks kinda like adnan, right?!)


i think we totally nailed it!

had such a fun time celebrating my oldest fraaand. we went for brunch the next day (actual birthday) at rizzutos in westport. i got the oven roasted turkey club (all natural turkey / maple-cured peppered bacon / iceberg lettuce / vine-ripened tomato / garlic aioli / ciabatta roll) that was really good. i didnt take a picture though, sorry. i did, however, make time to pose with my favorite hot dog man at super duper weenie at lunch the next day.

Untitled1my usual order: a chicagoan dog (lettuce / tomato / mustard / celery salt / hot relish & pickle), a new yorker dog (sauerkraut / onion sauce / mustard & hot relish) and fresh cut fries. seriously, the chicagoan is the best hot dog on the planet.

and on that note, its time for me to dream about delicious hot dogs during my average 3.5 hours of deep sleep a night. oy.


ps: signing up for a 10 miler with missie in june. and maybe a half with brodie the week before. minutes after signing up before i regret these decisions? im going with 2.5. my body, however, will be thankful.

pps: michelle, if youre reading, im still on the fence about the fairfield half. sorrryyyyyyy. love you!

ppps: how cool was i that in fifth grade, instead of giving michelle a best friend necklace, i gave her a best friend cross stitch. #DBJ


…and yes, my nickname at home was/is birdie!


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