i need to stop eating. (and losing phones.)

snow day: 1
brittany: 0

giphyyesterday work was cancelled woo! (well, we got to work from home.) after finishing up, headed over to see the kels, watch some sex & the city and have some vino. long story short- went out for pizza, made some snow angels, and then lost my new iphone….


thankfully my insurance covers loss/theft, so (after paying the deductible) they put a shiny new iphone in the mail for me. cannot get here fast enough. in related news: if youre trying to text me, they seem to be getting lost in imessage land… so not ignoring you, just not getting them!

otherwise, this past weeks been a good one! wednesday was a total fat kid movie night with brodie. we had bought the movie notorious over the summer which brodie proclaimed was the “best movie ever”… uh… it was interesting haha the food, however, did not disappoint.


fried pickles and fried chicken tenders


homemade poutine!
man oh man. i could eat that meal everyday. 
id probably be 500lbs, but it might be worth it…. 

thursday college kelly and i went to trattoria di monica which has been on my list of to-dos for years now! its really small inside, so i definitely recommend making a reservation! we started off with a bottle of wine (a pinot nero, it was ok but nothing special) and an order of the cozze al vino bianco (mussels / white wine / garlic / fresh herbs.) i really liked the broth the mussels were in, but the mussels themselves were so small- def a let a down.

my entree, however, was ah-mazing. seared scallops over homemade pasta with pesto and walnuts. yes, yes, yes.


bad picture, sorry. it was pretty dark in there!

this dish totally made up for the mussels. and it probably goes without saying, but i cleaned plate and then felt ill for a few hours. will definitely be going back soon!

saturday, i headed over to back bay to meet kelly for brunch and go shopping. after checking out the options on opentable, we ended up going to met bak bay.


i forget what this was called, but it was so good.
helpful, right?

kelly got a caesar salad with salmon. i was torn between a few items but opted to go with the truffled croque madame (artisanal ham / gruyere / fried egg / truffle fries with sage.)


whoa. this thing was so cheesy and delicious. and those fries with truffle mayo- on point. this was SO rich though i was only able to finish about 1/3 of it. id definitely recommend getting it and something else lighter to split with a dining buddy.

as for the shopping, i had no luck anywhere in back bay or faneuil hall. thankfully, i decided to pop into shake the tree and found this awesome hourglass lilly wrap dress!

IMG_7888and yes, im wearing two different shoes.
(dont worry, i remembered to change before i went out)

headed to b&g oysters for dinner that night- so delicious! split a dozen oysters, two orders of the house ceviche, fried calamari, and the lobster blt (which i thought was much better than their lobster roll! i mean, bacon.)


(i didnt take any pictures, so photo cred here!)

youd think i would have stopped eating on sunday, right? wrong. put on my finest yoga pants since my jeans can barely button and headed out to get brunch with brodie. considering we spent the entire car ride discussing how fat we’ve both gotten, you would think we would have gone someplace where we could get salads or something, right? wrong.


margies & carbs > salads and kale smoothies


i hadnt been to the border cafe in ages (i think it was actually last january) and it was just as delicious as i remembered. we split a chicken quesadilla and an order of the chicken fajitas. both hit the spot!

after we did a little grocery shopping, we met up with kelly, steve and danny who were all at the new tavern in the square by the garden.


i had never been there before and it was pretty packed since the garth brooks concert was that night. id like to talk to the person that made the layout for the bar area- it makes no sense and i feel like no matter where i was standing, i was constantly in someones way. awesome. thankfully. steve had put in for a table before we got there, and after about an hour one finally opened up (and right as tracy and milley were getting there to meet us! perfection.)


pretty soon they were all off to go to the concert and i headed to reginas to grab a pizza to bring over to victorias for dinner. (their meatball fresco pizza is what dreams are made of…)

total calorie count at this point: 57,420 (give or take a few thousand.)

we ended up getting out of work at 4pm on monday because of the snow, so i used the extra time to swing by faneuil to grab a new lighter colored sweater since i left mine at home at christmas. d’oh.


ended up with this one that was super comfortable and a good length to wear with leggings.

then it was off to the movies! we went to see american sniper in imax and seriously guys- so. good. if you havent seen it yet- make plans to go this week. bradley cooper does SUCH an amazing job.

N07A6557.dngi read he ate 6,000 calories a day to bulk up for the movie
um, sign me up for that. oh wait, nevermind. i already do that. 

by the time i got home after the movies and a few drinks it was really snowing! im usually pretty skeptical when they say we are supposed to get feet of snow (because we usually just end up getting inches) but they weren’t kidding this time! so much snow.


my purrsonal assistant for the day.

working from home is pretty great. its harder for me to get a lot of things done but that is negated by the fact you dont have to get out of bed! and that brings us back to me losing my phone… le’sigh….

off to watch some top chef and
try to figure out why this new phone isnt getting texts. rar.
talk to you soon!


ps: if any of you animal lovers are looking for some new instagram accounts to follow, check out prissy and pop and hamlet the pig. ive already started following all of the vendors from hammys first birthday party because i want my 30th birthday to look exactly like it! #goals


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