pizza, pasta and a puffer.

today on a break, i finally decided to bite the bullet and go buy a new winter jacket.  i’ve had my wool jacket for a few years now and although i love it- its pretty worn. and, well, there is so much cat hair embedded in it, it’s beyond being able to lint roll. sexy, huh?


i figured i would go to city sports first since i got an email that they were having a big winter coat sale, but their selection was pretty awful. not sure if it had just been picked over, but there were only a few styles to chose from. from there i went to tjmaxx and marshals, but same deal. drag.

with only a little time left, i headed over to macys. i remembered i read a post on the financial diet recently and there was a black calvin klein coat on sale at macys i liked. of course when i got there, they only had size XS left and there was no chance in hell getting that zippered after the past few months.

tumblr_mtmzhfDrrg1ql5yr7o2_250macys actually had a huge selection to pick through, so i decided my must haves were for it to be slightly longer, have a built in hood and be warm/waterproof (duh.) my wants were faux fur and for it to have some sort of shape/belt so that i didnt end up looking like this guy…

mich man


i tried on a ralph lauren one that i really loved, but i realized that the “hood” was actually just a detachable piece of fur, bummer. so glad i notice that before i left the store! about 50 more jackets later (and being asked if i worked there, twice) i finally stumbled upon this guy! the kensie hooded faux-fur belted puffer (in black).

pufferthe pictures are kinda dark, but based on the name alone you can tell it had a hood (check) faux fur (check) and a belt (check.) it also came about mid thigh, which is an ok length (would have liked a little longer, but that will do) and it was really warm! i think what i liked the most was even though its a puffer, it doesn’t have those michelin man ribs that most jackets have! sold.

also, the jacket was on sale from $240 to $144 (i believe) in the store.  i had gone online quickly on my phone to make sure it had decent reviews (which it did) and noticed that the website had it priced at $109.99. when i checked out, i showed the cashier who gave me the lower price without any further question. thanks macys!

oh and going back to pizza… a few weeks ago, the jana’s headed over to mast’, a new restaurant downtown, for teresas birthday! i’ll start with the positive first- our pizzas were all really good.


the wild mushroom pizza
that i ate entirely by myself. oink.

thats kind of where the positives stop though. despite having a reservation, it took about 10 minutes to be seated. and then probably another 10 minutes for someone to even come over and identify themselves as our waiter. once we got water and bread, we had to go up to the bar and ask or salt/pepper and plates ourselves because they never made it back over. our pizzas also took quite some time- although there was a larger party there, so i’ll cut them a little slack on that.

…oh and then i realized about a month later that despite kristin and i both putting in our cards, the waitress just charged both halves of the “split” to mine. oy. no biggie since we are friends (obvi) and it wasn’t that much- but i could see how that could end up being a problem!

J-Walter-Weatherman-e1369445659677…and thats why you always check your bank statements

since they are still new and the pizza was really good, i’d give them another whirl. but definitely not when i have a time constraint again!

when scanning through my archives of pictures from the past few months, another dish that jumped out was a pasta dish i had from bel ari (which some people may know as the old sorriso.)


ragù bolognese with pastene mafaldine pasta ($15)

to be honest, i hadn’t realized sorriso closed down and bel ari opened up in its place. after our work holiday party, we were dying needed carbs, and sorisso never disappoints in that arena. saw it had switched over and the lunch menu changed (rather slightly changed) but figured we’d still give it a whirl.

this pasta hit the spot. it was a decent portion for the price and the sauce was on point. t had got the same thing and also enjoyed it. kp got the pizza, which is almost always a winner there. if you’re by south station and looking for a place to sit down and eat lunch, bel ari is always a good choice! really want to try the pici pasta and gnocchi on the dinner menu (and have never been for dinner) so will have to make a stop after work one of these days!

so there’s two meals out of 5,000 i have to recap for you. but for now im off! hope everyone has a great night.





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