brunching at ward 8.

IMG_7051happy new year! can you believe it’s 2015 already?! actually, you probably can since we’re already a few weeks in… my bad!  although it appeared i went to france and never came back, i swear i did! just had lost my computer charger for awhile and then totally fell out of the (b)logging routine. but now i’m back and have TONS to catch you up on.

i want to take my time on the france/london posts, so expect those in the next week or two- but in the meantime, there are lots of seriously good eats to update you on from this side of the pond. i’ll start with brunch at ward 8.

i have been a big fan of ward 8 since it opened, but lately i’ve been going a lot. (read: every weekend.) they have a great selection of beers, awesome cocktails, and now i can add a super delicious brunch to that list!


the bacon bloody mary.
it’s worth the extra $2. 

originally the plan yesterday was to go to luckys for the sinatra brunch (it’s been on my to-do list for years now), but after chatting with kelly, we figured we should save that for when there was a larger group of us.  i threw out ward 8’s brunch since it was close and their brunch menu is pretty extensive. she agreed and pretty soon we were headed over!

once we got there, brodie quickly recognized some of the channel 7 news reporters at the bar (he was very excited about this) and then once we were sat, we realized we were sitting next to a bruins player! celebrity sightings FTW.


bacon brie scallion omelette
i subbed regular fries for the home fries.
and got a side of mayo. duh.

kelley and i both got the bacon bloody marks and both agreed they were one of the best we’ve ever had. kelly got a harvey wallbanger (vodka, oj and galliano) and brodie got a greyhound. cheers!

i was SO torn between a few things on the menu (the omelette above, the salmon potato cakes, and the breakfast burger.) obviously ended up with the omelette, which was really good and the fries were on point. i kinda regretted not getting the salmon cakes after i saw them come out… guess i’ll just have to go again 😉

kelly got the omelette as well and brodie and kelley both got the grilled cheese. they both said it was very good but very rich. i didn’t take a picture of it, but was able to find this one from here:


the grilled cheese
marinated roasted vegetables/boursin cheese/challah toast/sweet potato fries
brodie added bacon, kelley added avocado

we each got another drink (i just went with a greyhound my second time around) before deciding to switch up venues before the game go pats! overall- this was one of the better brunches i’ve gone to in awhile, definitely worth checking out.

today i have been a lazy bum. the only thing i accomplished was getting my hair cut. bad snapchat picture (i’ll take another one after i do it myself tomorrow) but i did cut off almost four inches! hannah at aveda always does such a great job, if you’re looking for a new stylist- definitely hit her up.


was supposed to meet up with alli after getting my haircut, but i felt absolutely disgusting. could have something to do with going out every night since wednesday… took a raincheck, got back in bed, and have watched WAYYY too many episodes of the fall. college kelly (never realized i have so many friends named kelly until writing this post) had suggested it a few days ago and figured i’d give it a whirl. its kind of dexter-y/svu-y…. and the main character is the guy who’s playing christian in fifty shades of grey (so not too hard on the eyes…)

back to the show i go!
have a great night- and pinky promise, ill be back soon.


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