shred the gnar.

probablyyy shouldn’t have gone out last night so i could recover a bit more, but its hard to pass up a night with the brodericks!  a few weeks ago alli had forwarded me an evite to liftopia’s ski season kick off party at bell in hand. i don’t ski after the last time i tried and failed miserably (long story short: i hit a small child)


but bell in hand is literally a hop, skip and a jump from my apartment and there was a promise of free swag. ill pretend to ski for that: sign me up. liftopia (as i learned from my good friend google) is a website where you can save up to 80% off lift tickets booked in advance.  pretty cool if you ski! i hear that ish can be $$$. (actually i just made that up. but maybe?)

met up with these cool cats at 6ish and headed into the event. to my surprise there were a lot of people! and some cute boys. rejoice!


ted, alli, jess & chreeees.
although you probably already know that. (b)log royalty these days.

so first things first- swag retrieval. we all got these sweet gnar sweatbands and also snap on coozies (like snap bracelets!) mine said gnar too, but chris and ted got après ones that they probably should have given to me since thats the only party of skiing im good at. but ill forgive them for failing to fork them over since there nice and what not.


i really should work on my tan…


guy taking this one was clearly not only a skier but a professional photog


after a few beverages we decided food was in order. headed over to one of my favorite spots, vitos, for some fat kid delights. we decided to order just a few nibbles:

20 honey siracha wings
An order of mozzarella sticks
An order of chicken parm tenders
An order of lettuce wraps
A bacon cheeseburger
A smoke house burger
A sloppy giuseppe (think sloppy joe)

totally normal for five people, no? 


yeah, there wasn’t much left by the end…

oh, and its tedwards 25th birthday this week! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!
welcome to the dark side of your twenties muahaha

IMG_1731alli had his birthday present with her since she wouldn’t see him on the actual day. got him an awesome decanter and a new belt. which i confused as part of quail mans outfit. i think ted could pull it off either way though!

IMG_1740so much fun! but now im off to a tasting for the boston wine expo with kel! will report back later. have a great night (and apologies if there are typos- writing this really fast.)



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