viva la la princess land.

sunday night i came back from vegas with an obnoxious neon pink “welcome to las vegas” cup, a magnet for my parents, sleep deprivation, 300 pictures and a nasty nasty cold. (so apologies in advance if this post is non-coherent. nyquil and blogging probably shouldn’t be mixed…)

thursday night was seriously disgusting in boston- rainy, cold and blah. after fifteen minutes trying to hail a cab, alli and i finally got one and made it to the airport with about an hour to spare.  we had planned on just grabbing a quick drink, but our flight got delayed by an hour, so we decided we should grab some food while we were at it. (most people would be annoyed by a delay- i, however, love eating in the airport so was kindaaa excited we had more time!)

IMG_1316ended up snagging a table at legals seafood and started off with two margaritas! i got a regular one and alli got a mango one- both delish. as for food- i got the griddled salmon melt (light rye, chipotle mayo, swiss cheese, red onion jam) that was super tasty! would def order again.


after stuffing our faces and becoming uncomfortably full, we boarded the plane, had a good snooze, and then enjoyed a few mini bottles of champagne at half price thanks to my trusty jetblue credit card.

by the time we had landed, the other girls had already checked into our hotel (the palazzo) and were ready to hit the town. alli and i made a very quick costume change and headed over to bank at the bellagio.


…and thats where we first entered la la princess land.  lauren has some serious connections and was able to get us to cut the line, and get table service, basically everywhere we went. the only place im usually VIP is at the chinese take out place because i order so much they know me, so i felt pretttttttty cool.


got the guy on the left to take our picture.
note: this was the only cute guy we met in vegas. and he was in the olympics.
we thought he was lying to us, so we stopped talking to him…
only to google him the next day and realize he wasn’t kidding. le’sigh. 

hit up one more bar before heading back to bed so we wouldn’t be too tired the next day and it was like 4am. thought i would sleep like a baby until like noon, but we were all wide awake by 8am. drats. while getting ready, i snapped a pic of the view out our window to send to my parents (they/we used to always stay at the mirage and they got married at treasure island- so it was a perfect!)


walked to starbucks, grabbed a much needed ice coffee, and then we headed towards the cosmopolitan. (but not before i snapped a picture of in font of the sigfreid & roy statues. i was OBSESSED with the white tigers when i was little, so it seemed only appropriate.)

IMG_1394at the cosmopolitain, we all played dress up in the rent the runway store. i didnt find anything i wanted to rent for the weekend, but i did find a dress that would be perfect to rent for our work christmas dance!

at this point i was totally famished, so i was super excited when we sat down for lunch at milos, a greek restaurant that had a $22 prefix lunch.  this. place. was. goooooooood.


the milos special

while we decided what to order off the prefix menu, we started with a bottle of rose and the milos special: lightly fried zucchini & eggplant with tzatziki & kefalograviera cheese. so delicious. the tzatziki was so creamy and fresh tasting, which was a perfect contrast when paired with the crunchy zucchini & eggplant.

once this was devoured, we ordered our appetizers. lauren and alli got the tomato salad, while natalie, jocelyn and i got the grilled octopus (sashimi quality mediterranean octopus, charcoal-broiled.)


id never had octopus like this (just squid) but it was perfect and had just the right amount of smoky flavor. not shocking to anyone, i cleaned my plate. next up entrees!


natalie and i both got the grilled Mediterranean bass


jocelyn got the honjake salmon


lauren got the fresh grilled lamb chops


and alli got the organic chicken breast skewer over pita.

my fish was delicious, but gotta be honest, i was having tons of food envy over jocelyns salmon. it looked so good. but- food envy came my way come dessert time.  the girls all opted for the fruit plate while i went for the greek yogurt.

IMG_1423now, i eat greek yogurt every morning for breakfast. but this was no chobani (and definitely not 0%.) it was rich and creamy and decadent x 100. despite being beyond full, i could have ate three hundred more bowls of that stuff. this was definitely my favorite meal we had in vegas and a place not to be missed- i mean that lunch deal is unreal!

i had never been in the cosmopolitan before and was OBSESSED with all the sparkles! this video does no justice, but its the only one i got. glitter glitter everywhereeeeee!

oh, also discovered that snapchat has special filters when you’re in vegas. this one happened to be my favorite #MakeItRain

IMG_1396after walking around for a bit more, we hit up the pool for a quick nap before getting ready for dinner. can we take a moment to talk about how awesome our room was?

we had two queen beds


a sitting area with a  pull out couch and a table


and a ginormous bathroom with a vanity to get ready in.


aka it was the perfect room for five girls with LOTS of stuff. i think it was 750ish square feet too (aka three times the size of my apartment), so we felt super fancy and not cramped at all.

at about 8:30 we headed out for dinner.  i don’t own a ton of jewelry, so was glad alli let me borrow this necklace to spice up my black dress! (the amount of selfies taken this weekend are embarrassing. #SorryNotSorry)

IMG_1433dinner was at nobu in caesars palace. i was super excited to try this place because im obsessed with sushi, but we had the creepiest waiter EVER and the sushi was just ok at best.

i don’t have any pictures because we decided to have a technology free dinner- the only picture that was allowed was of allis tacos… she doesn’t like raw fish, and since we were all splitting sushi, she figured that the wagyu & veggie tacos would be her best bet. ummmm…. they were legitimately polly pocket sized (and $20…)

IMG_3902couldn’t get out of there faster. headed to the silhouette bar for a drink and then lauren gambled for a bit while we had a photo shoot.

IMG_1444their legs are longer than my entire body. #NotFair


#LLRS (ladies love rod stewart)


waiting in the longest cab line ever. #DonnyAndMarie

the cab line was so long, we decided to walk. bad idea, girls. bad idea. im pretty sure we walked almost two miles in heels. good thing we made a pit stop in the bathroom to freshen up and for, you guessed it, another selfie.

IMG_1464finally we made it to our destination- tao. i think this was my favorite spot of the entire trip. we had THE most amazing table and everyone was dancing. loved this glitter dude that was dancing in front of our table!

he was insaneeeeee.


crowded club? not in La La Princess Land.


after tao, we migrated back to bank. little did we know, chris brown and trey songz were giving an impromptu performance that night! (lil kim was there too and holy moly, home girl got some bad plastic surgery.)


the only video i have is a saved snapchat. dang.

once the show was over, my feet were completely about to fall off so it was time to head home.  oh, that and the fact there were two crazy people that kept fighting (and for some reason werent getting kicked out) and the bouncer refused to let us leave until we legitimately screamed at him. not cool. (such a bummer since the first night was so fun!)

the next day we woke up again at the crack of dawn (why is it impossible to sleep in vegas?!), grabbed a coffee, and headed down to the pool since it was 80 degrees!

IMG_1492heaven on earth.

we literally stayed at the pool for about 5 hours, ah-mazingggg. but the most amazing part was this girl taking about 5,879 selfies of herself. in the pool. lying down. selfies of herself taking selfies (i kid you not.) dying.



we decided instead of going out for lunch and dinner, we’d just do a very late lunch at a restaurant in our hotel instead: morels.

IMG_1500i started out with a pineapple jalapeño mojito that was good, but just a bit too sweet for me. i ended up asking for extra jalapeños, which helped, but ended up switching to wine after that (which was buy one, get one. win!)


for an appetizer, i chose the french onion soup that was good, but def needed some more salt. was a bit disappointed since all the reviews online said it was the best they’d ever had. (but maybe im just spoiled.)


for my meal i got the french dip (sliced prime rib, ementhal cheese, caramelized onion, horseradish cream) with a side of truffle mayo for my fries. my sandwich was actually really good, but after the soup (and some of lauren and allis fondu) i only was able to finish half of it. thankfully the other girls helped me out and gave me a few bites of theirs as well in exchange.  i sampled some of the ham & cheese crepe which was good, but super rich.

after we finished off our food (and second free glass of wine), it was time to go back to the room and digest all that cheese and get ready for BRITNEYYYY!!!!


while we were waiting to get escorted in by britneys manager (La La Princess Land), we hung out in halo bar for a bit, had a few cocktails, and creepily took pictures of this guys hair. talk about intense….


after thirty minutes or so, we were brought in and OMG, we were literally like 5 feet away from britney. my inner teenager was SO excited. (ok, so was my inner twenty something year old.)


britney flying from the ceiling as an angel


if madonna had popped out, i may have died

IMG_1591isn’t she lucky this hollywood girllllllllll


loving ittttt


on fiyah

don’t you know that you’re toxic.
(watch full screen for the full britney experience!)

eeeeeee. so much fun! i mean- she clearly isn’t singing. (and to be honest, she really isn’t even dancing- although her backup dancers were AMAZING.) but it was such an entertaining show! i don’t think i stopped singing the entire time.

from there we grabbed a quick drink at STK and then headed over to 1oak in the mirage. (kris jenner had her birthday there the night before!)


there was lots of dancing (and blurry photos)


followed by LOTS of room service


(with LOTS of ranch dressing)

IMG_1708sunday we hit up the canyon ranch spa that was inside our hotel and detoxed in the steam room, the experiential rain showers, the hydrospa, and the igloo room. hot. cold. hot. cold. hydrate. hydrate. hydrate.

we were able to move our flights to 2:30 from the red eye (AMEN) so we ended up getting back into boston around midnight. needless to say, it was such a fun girls trip! also needless to say, im exhausted, so its time for me to hit the sheets and hope my cold disappears by tomorrow.



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