retail therapy: vegas style.

who’s ready for a post of bad selfies?! 


so vegas is in two days and i literally fit in own zero dresses that are appropriate for the occasion. got my $300 gym reimbursement back, so figured it was the perfect time for some retail therapy. these outfits made possible by blue cross blue shield. 

dress one: the LBD
that i can’t eat in til the weekend to wear.


this was a find from macys juniors section (yes, i traveled down into the dungeon that is macys juniors section in downtown crossing.) originally $60, on sale for $45. can’t really tell in this picture, but i like that its textured. im pretty self conscious about my mid section, especially in tight clothing, but the texture definitely helps hide any, uh, imperfections. WIN! (good job self tucking in those tags. ugh. fail.)

dress two: blue sweetheart dress
that i had to buy in a size 13. i hate juniors sizing.

IMG_1242liked how this one was sheer on top! im not huge on having too much, er, bust showing? (they are huge enough they don’t need much accenting.) thought the sheerness was flattering though! also a macys juniors find- on sale from $70 to $50!

outfit three: pleather for the win
and babes first crop top- mom, don’t tell dad.


alli had got a red pleather skirt at lit in the north end, and while red is not my color, i was excited that they had it in black! wasn’t sure what kind of top to pair with it and the woman suggested a black crop top. ERRRRRRRR. no way homegirl. i do not do crop tops. baby t’s were the bane of my existence in middle school/highschool (since i couldn’t fit in them wear them) and i cried a single tear when crop tops became all the rage again. BUT this one basically hits right where the skirt starts, so its only it you’re moving around that you maybeeeee get a peek of skin. actually liked it. good call homegirl, i shall stop giving you death glares. purchased. skirt: $40 and top $20.

outfit four: purple drank skirt.
the touch the feel of cotton. the fabric of our lives. not pleather.


i probably will wear this one with just a plain white tank and flats, but, well, i need to do laundry and organize my apartment, so you get it in the wedges and the black shirt i had on under my sweater at work. digging the eggplant color of this (that you’d be able to see if every picture didnt come out yellow.) def like that its cotton and SO comfortable. oh, and thats its twirly and fun. another macys find, $19. win win win.

grand total: $174. 

if you’re doing the math, that means i still have 126 fun tickets left from that blue cross blue shields check to spend in vegas! not too shabby a deal if you ask me.  the outfits needs a few accessories, my face needs makeup, and i need to not be in a poorly lit stairwell- but overall, i think I’ve got a solid base for a weekend in vegas! will pack in some more day outfits, a bathing suit (bring on the 80 degree weather!) and pajamas <- note to self, don’t forget to pack these like you always do. but thats all stuff i can just throw in fifteen minutes before i leave like i normally do.

k, so, im not a fashionista. and clearly not a good photographer. but hope maybe you’re inspired to go check out macys juniors section or lit boutique?!


over and out.



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