champagne. cheese. (repeat.)

i mentioned it before, but i was SO excited to have non-halloween halloween plans this year. (read: im getting old.) after work i headed home to put out some snacks (the ones i ordered from instacart) and waited for alli to arrive!


i started eating the brie the night before…. #notshocking
what is shocking is that i didnt eat more of it.

one alli arrived we snacked, sipped on champagne & chatted about our days. buster only tried to eat alli once which was a huge win. after about an hour we decided to start getting dolled up for the ballet! alli had to help me with my fake eyelashes (id never used them before) and i helped her curl her hair. yay for being girlyyyyy.


hallway selfie before heading out!

another highlight from getting ready- a FaceTime with mrs. doubtfire: aka brodie. so wish i screenshotted it- he was on point!

we shockingly got an uber relatively quickly given it was halloween (and it didn’t cost $363) which was awesome since we were cutting it a weeeeee bit close to the 7:30 start. thankfully, we got there with a few minutes to spare- just enough time to grab a glass of champagne and head to our seats.


obsessed with the inside of the boston opera house. so gorg. unlike the rude people sitting in front of us who were taking pictures with flash (with the sound on on their phone… atleast turn off the fake shutter noise!) i didn’t take any pictures during the performance, but it was beautiful. found this little preview thingy on their youtube page- not really from the performance, but you can see just how talented they are!

as soon as intermission hit we beelined for the bathroom (i wasn’t sure i was going to make it through the first two acts) and thankfully got there before the masses. we had taken our masks off so we didnt obstruct peoples views, and because they were soooooo hot, so we put them back on in the bathroom and then took another pic infront of the swan lake screen. still waiting to hear if we won tickets or not- i think our masks were the best!


i was pretty tired once the ballet got out, but was definitely hungry, so we decided to head next door to sip wine bar and kitchen for a quick bite and a nightcap! ordered up two glasses of champagne and the mini arancini (warm mozzarella centers, oven roasted tomato sauce, truffle essence)


rice balls are always delicious and its pretty hard to do them wrong, but these were extra tasty thanks to the truffle essence- def could have ate another one or four of these. we both decided to call it a night and (again, shockingly) found cabs relatively easily. probably because it was only midnight.

probably wouldn’t be a halloween post without some sort of costume picture, so check out my friend brittany and her co-workers costumes. all handmade! awesome, right?!


i literally did nothing but watch gilmore girls and eat for 95% of the rest of the weekend. i had this bowl of snacks about five hundred times.

dinnercheesehad some brussels sprouts left from my last peapod order and decided i probably should eat something green at least once over the weekend. queue: cheesey shredded sautéed sprouts!


this is really easy! first, shred the brussel sprouts. basically, just cut off the bottoms, cut in half and then slice thinly. (here’s a good little tutorial in case my wonderful description didnt get the point across!) heat olive oil in a pan over medium high heat. add in the shredded sprouts, some garlic salt & pepper (<-i used cayenne for some heat!) and sauté for five minutes or so until the sprouts are warm and tender. once they have softened up, put into a bowl that has a laughing cow cheese at the bottom (i used light french onion.) let sit for a minute or two so the heat from the sprouts will melt the cheese so you can combine.


while it melted, i cooked up an egg to put on top- partially for some extra protein, mainly because i was craving runny yolky goodness. mixed in the cheese, topped with said egg, then devoured. so good (and so filling.) def will be making this again!

oh, and something else i will be making again- these lettuce wraps that alli made for us on thursday. recipe coming soon. i seriously ate like four of them. nom nom.

lettuce wrapsand that brings us to monday. and today was definitely a monday. trash only gets picked up at 7am on mondays and fridays which is so annoying! (we used to have three days, but they got rid of wednesdays over the summer.) since it was disgusting last night, i decided to set my alarm for 6:50 to bring my trash out this morning. only when i got downstairs, the trash had already been collected! RAR. had to walk around for about 5 minutes to find a street that hadn’t been picked up yet so i could leave it there. (i was wearing a cat sweater and old baggy sweatpants. and socks- no shoes. in other words, i looked crazy and homeless.)

but a high point of the day was teresa getting some pictures back from her wedding- love this delta jana shot, woo!


close guys, close.

oh and speaking of dg, i found this youtube from bids day at roanoke this year. WAH.  i miss bids dayyyyyy. it seriously was like christmas morning! quickly emailed it to mg who wrote back “do you thinks bids day and our wedding days will be the days we felt the MOST LOVED?! I think so!” <- i agree! so. much. fun.

i really wish i could find the charger for my old dell so i could look at my pictures from college again…. although… maybe they are best left unseen! (i really should print them out at some point though. next time i go home ill have to scan in some from my bids day. ride or die with gamma pi!) did find this one online though from sophomore year- we look so young… sigh…


have a great night!



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