weekend wrap up: getting janad & fleetwood mac.

last week was a fun one, but it was seriously busy! def enjoying sitting at home tonight and doing nothing. (nothing besides watching season 6 of sons of anarchy, that is.) lets skip back to friday night, shall we?

after work, t, kp and i headed over to myers & chang for our joint jibby birthday dinner! typically we try to pick a new spot we haven’t been to for our birthday dinner(s), but myers & chang is one of our favorites and it had been a very long time since we had been there (and i was totally craving it. ill let you guess who suggested it.)

we forgot to make a reservation, but since we were going over right from work, we figured it wouldn’t be an issue to snag an early bird table. took the silver line over and requested a table for three. to our surprise, they said they had no tables available…. we thought they were kidding considering this was the scene upon our arrival…

IMG_1012…but nope, they weren’t. we ended up sitting at the chefs bar though which was pretty fun! its obviously easier to chat/share food at a table, but for having forgot to make a reservation, ill take whatever ya give me!

started off with a cocktail, of course. i got the bloodlust: blood orange margarita with sriracha-lime rim.


it was good, but a bit too sweet for my taste. don’t worry, i still drank it all. typically when we come to m&c we chose a bunch of plates and split them- so many tasty things, it just makes more sense! heres what we chose:


Pomegranate Glazed Duck Wings
(pistachio praline, pink peppercorn, black vinegar)
these def fell off the bone. i liked the crunch that the pistachio added!


Cold Taiwanese Dan Dan Noodles
(fresh peanut and chili sambal)
these noodles are SO good. a must order if you ask me.


Beef + Broccoli Chow Fun
(broccoli rabe, rice noodles, steak)
i loveeee the doughy wide noodles.


Mama Chang’s Pork + Chive Dumplings
(the. best. thing. on. the. menu.)
seriously, if you go there and don’t order these, you have failed.

we cleaned every single plate. i secretly wished we’d ordered another plate of dumplings, but i was so full, the button on my pants was glad we didnt. i was not, however, too full for dessert, so i suggested we walk over to the gallows to get our favorite dessert in boston, the stoners delight.


this thing is made up of chocolate, peanut butter, bananas and topped with brûléed fluff. its the only dessert on the menu but its so good, it doesn’t matter theres no other option. we figured we should get another drink while we snacked on dessert. debated getting a bottle of this:


but then we remembered we weren’t in college anymore and decided against it. (just kidding, we never were going to order it, but i always think its funny its on the menu!)


ended up going with my favorite drink on the menu, and in boston for that matter: the brazen bull (jalapeno & scotch bonnet infused vodka, lime.) its spicy, so be warned. but as long as you don’t mind some heat, definitely give this drink a try.

after confusing a chinese take-out car with my uber (he did not understand why we were trying to get in his backseat…) we headed back to the north end to meet up with meg so we could all head over the emerald lounge. never been there before and likely will not go back. clubs/table service just aint my jam. BUT it was great getting to catch up with meg! love her.


saturday afternoon was spent mostly lounging around and eating. caught up on the shows i missed during the week (parenthood, greys anatomy, scandal, 19 kids and counting, the goldbergs, the blacklist, top chef… just to name a few. hi my name is brittany, and im addicted to tv.)


saturday night was spent at td garden seeing fleetwood mac! YAAAAS, finally. i was pretty high up (read: nosebleed seats) but no complaints. was just glad i was there!

IMG_1046seriously, this was hands down one of my favorite concerts ive ever been too. considering how long they’ve been around aka how old they are they put on quite the show! it was awesome that christie mcvie rejoined the group for the tour- her songs are some of my favorites (and they played a lot of them!) …but its hard not to focus on stevie! i loveeeee her (as did every man over 50 there.) i recorded some videos, but they came out pretty awful (shocker given my seat location, no?)…. so here are some i found on youtube from their other show in boston that are MUCH better.

  1. The Chain
  2. You Make Loving Fun
  3. Dreams
  4. Second Hand News
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Everywhere
  7. I Know I’m Not Wrong 
  8. Tusk
  9. Sisters of the Moon
  10. Say You Love Me
  11. Seven Wonders
  12. Big Love
  13. Never Going Back Again
  14. Over My Head
  15. Gypsy
  16. Little Lies
  17. Gold Dust Woman
  18. I’m So Afraid
  19. Go Your Own Way
  20. World Turning
  21. Don’t Stop
  22. Silver Springs
  23. Songbird

gah. so many songs from rumors, which has been on repeat on my walk to and from work almost every day for the past few month. i predict it will continue to be! if you have a chance to go see them, go! low point of the concert: the woman sitting behind me in her late 50’s/early 60’s who threw up everywhere. yum… thankfully nothing got on me or i would definitely be in an ebola quarantine right now. (sure it was probably the white wine she was double fisting and the joint she most likely stole from her kids room, but it could be ebola. one can never be certain…)

sunday was spent watching football with brodie (i think we were the only people in boston NOT at the game…) it wasn’t the most entertaining game to watch, but a win is a win, ill take it. (ill also take him, pleaseeeeee.)

1027-tom-gisele-instagram-3alrighty, time to binge watch more sons of anarchy. hope you all had a fun weekend too and have a great night!

sigps: how cute is soph in the outfit i bought her for her birthday?! can’t believe she turns two this week…



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