WIAW: a day in the life

i always love reading “day in the life” posts and “what I ate wednesday” posts, so figured id give one a shot! hopefully you enjoy it too. (i mean lets be honest, its fun creeping peeking in on other peoples lives, no?)

3:45am: wake up. i fell asleep way too early on tuesday and now im wide awake. avoid moving so buster doesnt wake up too. read some blogs, reply to a missed text from michelle and send mg a “hello” message (its already mid morning for her!) at some point, fall back asleep.

6:00am: buster is awake and hungry. try to ignore him and go back to sleep. hes meowing at something out the window. i fall back asleep for a few more minutes and dream about pushing him out said window.

1 dark kibber

7:10am: drag myself out of bed. its still dark and raining, but i’ve pressed snooze more times than i should have. feed my stupid cat. (you know hes angry when there’s a sock next to the bowl. i have no idea where he finds them, its like the dryer that eats one sock shoots them out to buster. but seriously, every morning i dont wake up when he wants me to, you can be sure there’s a sock there…. also, there’s a few pieces left in your bowl dummy. eat that to hold you over.)

2 bowl

8:00am: leave for work. know im meeting up with alli and victoria after, so spent a few extra minutes curling my hair. happy with the finished product. (also- loving my new arrested development cell phone case. theres always money in the banana stand!)

3 leave

8:25am: arrive at work. jeez, its a good thing i spent time doing my hair this morning… i hate humidity! isnt that supposed to be the one perk of fall? you lose the sunshine and warmth but you get cool, good hair days? ugh… what a waste…. (also, enjoy my creepy elevator picture. good thing no one else got in… #awkward)

4 arrive 2

8:26am: pit stop in bathroom to make myself look somewhat more presentable. hairs a lost cause, but a little extra bronzer and another coat of mascara never hurt anyone…

8:30am: read through emails from overnight while drinking a coffee, respond where needed.

9:00am: head upstairs for the wednesday morning meeting- my favorite meeting of the week! while i dont play a huge role in this one- i always find it the most interesting (and the most entertaining.) listen. take notes. chime in where needed.

11:15am: meeting is over and im back at my desk.  my stomachs been rumbling since 10-something, so grab my greek yogurt out of the fridge and mix in a tablespoon of teddie peanut butter (super chunky) and a tablespoon or two of oats. per usual, this hits the spot! also, snagged a cookie someones wife made. planned on eating this after lunch, but end up eating it with breakfast. it’s almost noon, so thats ok, right? finish eating and get back to work.

5 breakfast

1:05pm: im definitely not actually hungry, but i dont feel like having a sweet taste in my mouth anymore. was going to have some pizza goldfish, but decided on having wasabi peas (im addicted!) and a diet coke. popped a few in as i plugged along on a project.

6 snack

2:15pm: ok now im actually hungry again. take a little break to heat up some chicken and broccoli.  my favorite chicken happens to be the laziest chicken around- perdue perfect portions with italian seasoning. they cook fast, can be frozen individually, and always come out moist with just the right amount of seasoning. poured some bolthouse farms honey mustard yogurt dressing on the side to dip the broccoli in since its just plain- ive been super lazy with meal planning this week. finish eating in about 2.5 minutes (seriously, i need to stop inhaling my food) and get back to work…

7 lunch

3:00pm: i want something sweet. have piece of pumpkin seed brittle while i read through some notes. this stuff is dangerously good. (and its why whats left is being stored at the office and not at home.) i have another piece, blame my mother for buying it for me, and then get back to work. have to leave on time today, so focus focus focus.

8 dessert

4:30pm: change into jeans, cowboy boots and an old tshirt. spray my hair with some dry shampoo (new-to-me-brand: batiste. i usually stick with pssst.) leave work and head over to international place to meet alli & victoria. we are being good humans and volunteering at the greater boston food bank later tonight. its still gross out. dry shampoo did nothing (not sure if its the brand or the weather.) hoping there are no cute boys volunteering since i look like a mess. (or, if there are, they are cute boys who dont mind messy hair.)


4:45pm: get to one international place. alli and victoria are still finishing up work. i park up in the palm bar. never been there before, but its an awesome space. high ceilings. great cocktails (i got the cucumber lime gimlet- recommend), good company. hello lots of business men.


5:30pm: alli & victoria are able to leave work and we hop in a cab. queue volunteering at the boston food bank. tonight our job is to sort meat into different bins. pork in one. beef in another. alli oddly likes packing up chicken boxes. processed meat (aka hot dogs) is my jam. victoria is just a rockstar.


7:50pm: we have packed 9,065lbs of meat; between all of us volunteering, thats an average of 292lbs a person. and thats enough meat for 7,000 meals. you can’t help but feel good about yourself after that. (you also can’t help but purrell yourself.) alli, victoria and i decide we will start doing this monthly.


7:51pm: victoria and i decide to pose besides the trash meat. because I’ve never seen ground beef turn white before. and the only way for us to not have nightmares about it is to make it a joke.


8:05pm: we try to go to toro for dinner but ::shocker:: theres an hour and a half wait. instead we go across the street to get sushi at a place teresa has recommended to me, seiyo. its half sushi restaurant/half wine shop. two of my favorite things!



8:30pm: we start with wine, salad and edamame. can’t really mess this up, but its good.



8:45pm: i get the sashimi plate and an unagi (eel) roll. both are amazing, especially for the price. ($24 total)


9:30pm: we finish dinner and head across the street to toro. its literally a monsoon. amen there is wine waiting for us on the other side. and churros. my goodness, the churros dipped in chocolate sauce are sooo good.

IMG_09319:45pm: alli determines she doesn’t have a picture of me for her favorites in her iPhone. i determine i also don’t have one of her. queue: candlelight pictures. could she be any prettier? don’t think so. so lucky to have such nice, thoughtful and beautiful friends 🙂


11:00pm: we finish our bottle of wine and head home. i shockingly (/not shockingly) have 8,000 packages from amazon prime (i blame you stepfaddy.) an iPhone protector screen, cat stuff, new scarf, other assorted random stuff, magazine…this is when a boyfriend comes in handy. this ish is heavy to carry up two flights of stairs! 


11:10pm: get everything up into my apartment. change into pjs. write this post. (note: i looked really creepy writing down times all day that i did stuff. but i hoped you enjoyed this! i enjoyed posting it all tonight.)

and now, off to bed. thanks to jenn for hosting WIAW!



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