a family filled (fat kid) fairfield weekend!

if fun = pounds, then this weekend was lots of fun. (three and a half according to my scale, to be exact.) thursday night i headed down to fairfield after work.  in tote was a bacio cake (dark chocolate & hazelnut) for my dad i had ordered from modern pastry earlier in the week.

IMG_0771as my mother stated about seven hundred and fifty three times, this cake is so good. im a big mikes pastry gal, but when it comes to cakes, moderns has a leg up in my book (minus the fact they don’t have bags for their cakes. that made carrying it, along with my luggage, in 97% humidity, with no cabs in sight….interesting. read: i had a breakdown and started crying in post office square.)

friday morning i relaxed in bed for a bit after waking up and finally got around to watching the first episode of top chef.  im SO excited that this season was filmed in boston. especially if it means they keep showing this guy… swoooooon


once i rolled my bloated bod out of bed i decided to hit up the tanning bed- gotta keep up that base for vegas baby! the place that i used to go to in fairfield randomly shut down (which was annoying, i still had tans there!) so i found a new place on yelp to try out.  i actually really liked the place- they had nice beds for reasonable prices (it was in the bob’s plaza on the post road for any fairfielders reading) but was def a bit caught of guard by this sign:


um….how often does that happen that they felt the need to post a sign?! yikes. after i got my bronze on i headed to trader joes to pick up some cookies & cream cookie butter i had read about on a blog for my brother. the kid loves oreos and trader joes can usually do no wrong, so figured it was a must try.


it tastes pretty much like smashed up oreos in frosting- aka im not allowed to buy it for myself because i would eat the whole jar with a spoon. (actual suggestions for use on the jar are spread on pancakes, waffles, eaten with pretzels or on top of ice cream. i still think a spoon seems like the best option.) while i was there i also picked up some of my favorite mini brie bites and a jar of coconut oil.  i have no idea what im going to use this for, but a lot of recipes ive seen lately use it- so figured might as well keep some on hand. aka it was an impulse buy. oh, and my mom had bought me a box of pumpkin seed brittle from TJs that is absolutely delicious if you’re a brittle fan (which i am.) i ate half the box in the middle of the night.


gave my brother his gift when he got back from school and then he gave me mine- ahhh! im so exciteddddd. good work little bro. (something tells me mom helped you pick out this one…)


i read about the yonanas on carrots n cake a while back and have had my eye on one ever since. i have a huge sweet tooth, so this will at least give me a healthier night time treat! (plus i can stock up on ripe bananas super cheap at haymarket.)  once i make a batch, ill give you a full review! speaking of reviews- how hysterical is this review for the yonanas on amazon?! i almost died laughing when my brother read it to me!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 6.41.49 PMfor his birthday dinner, alex chose to go to modern apizza in new haven. in case you’re not from connecticut, new haven is the place for pizza. id been to pepe’s and sally’s before, but never modern.

Untitledside note: the camera on the iPhone is good, but after using my real camera lately, the pics just don’t compare! (so sorry, these tasted better than they look.)

and because four people clearly need three medium pizzas, we ordered (from left to right) a white clam pizza (my choice), a fresh tomato pizza (my moms choice) and a bacon pizza (alexs choice). we also ordered all of them well done, which usually i love, but mine was a bitttt too dark around the edges.


clearly, that stopped me from eating it all. HA. psychhhhh. we all cleaned plate. normal. since we were in a total food coma, we headed home and ate some oreo dirt pie and leftover cake (because that’s what you’re supposed to do when your full is eat more, right?) the parents headed to bed and alex and i watched silence of the lambs (birthday boys pic- 18 means rated R moviessss.) i hadn’t seen that movie in ages and forgot how good it is!


saturday morning was party prep time sine we had the family coming over for our big birthday bash!  i picked up ingredients to make laurens guacamole (really tough guys: premade guac + a container of feta.) apparently no one else in my family likes guacamole (?!) so i ate about half of it on my own…. healthy fats, right? right.

Untitledwe also had ordered subs from jersey mikes that were awesome! my favorite: the italian with extra pepper relish (<- if you like spicy, make sure you add these to your sub!)


maia also brought over some spinach pita- my favorite! (too bad my brother ate almost all of it and i only got one slice. i swear, im not angry at all….grrrrr.)


pretty soon my favorite little buddy came over and we spent time walking up and down the stairs….



rolling the big ball around

DSCN0797and bowling!


and of course there were lots of snuggles!


always love spending time with little sophia grace! i can’t believe how big she’s getting. pretty soon it was time to blow out the candles. october birthdays: chris (49), me (29), olivia (21), alex (18), and soph (2)!


everybody make a wish!

that night i headed out to south norwalk to meet up with some girlfriends and pete (who i hadn’t seen in months!) we went to harlan publick that had a really cool outdoor space with bocce (although it was a bit too cold to be outside) and i loved how the inside space was decorated- exposed beams/pipes, funky hanging old-looking lights… i can’t think of the word to describe it now (not modern… gah… what is it) but was a lot of fun! would def recommend checking it out if you’re in the area.


headed back to boston at around two o’clock on sunday. since i knew the diet was going to be starting HARDCORE today, i figured why not add on to the calorie count with a little pad thai. my current thai delivery spot is thai bistro on high street. they are pretty good, but not out of this world, so im open to suggestions!


wide noodles are where its at.

so i think that about sums up the weekend! now i need to go eat vegetables, drink water, and unpack. (maybe. if buster lets me.)


oh, and i finished up brothers & sisters on netflix and need a new show to binge watch. anything good i might have missed?! let me know!



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