a #TBT to distract myself from ebola.

currently on a bus back home for the family birthdays. normally I don’t mind the bus- it’s sooooo much cheaper than the train. and I’m poor.

something I forgot to factor in when doing the usual megabus/amtrak debate this trip: ebola.

I’ll cut myself some slack because ebola is usually just something I self diagnosis myself with on webmd when I get a cold, not something i might actually contract. but let’s be honest, if you’re going to get it, it’s probably going to be from bus folk…

so to distract myself from the woman talking loudly about how she feels sick and thinks the “plague” is spreading, here’s a little #TBT to my favorite birthday party. (note: tiaras have always been a must.)

i need a xanax. and a piece of that cake so I can eat my emotions. and to be off this bus. if I catch ebola from the woman sitting next to me and die, know that I loved you. (and bury me in a tiara, k?)



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