seven years with my cheeto baby.

DISCLAIMER: this post is all about buster. so, if you dont like cats, then you should probably skip it. also:


kidding. (kinda.)

but seriously, you know you need a life(/boyfriend) when: you spend your morning trying to force your cat to snuggle with you because its the seven year anniversary of you adopting him. (you really know you need a life/boyfriend when you get angry at him that he wont and tell him he doesnt appreciate you.) my neighbors 100% must think im crazy

but, cat lady, dont care. so- queue the picture of the tiniest polar bear on earth from october 15, 2007 aka the day i rescued buster. (this day is also known as the day my boyfriend wanted to kill me for bringing home a cat…. ask for forgiveness, not permission, right? right.)


right out of the SPCA box, all 3lbs of him.
really should have cleaned that apartment more… boxes everywhere


itty bitty kitty
(what on earth was i thinking when i painted my bedroom that blue color)


tiniest tail in town
(also, i secretly wish i still had my DG croakies…)

sighhhhh… i wish he stayed that little fureverrrrrrrrrr. he may be evil to some people (read: most people) but i love my 18lb sea lion. hes moved with me from virginia, to connecticut, to boston and has unwillingly cuddled with me through many happy and sad days.

moral of the story: adopt a pet! you wont regret it.
(well, youll only regret it at 3am when they are hitting you in the face for food.)



cat lady: over and out.


ps: happy belated birthday to my dad! cant wait to celebrate with you this weekend. i promise i love you the same, if not more, than buster even though he gets  four pictures in this post and you just get this one blurry one. let them eat cake!

photo-26TLDR: im going to be single forever. 


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