off to a good start.

so i think its safe to say that 29 is off to a good start and that i am one lucky girl. friday night i had some wine with kelly and her family and then headed over to dillons in the back bay to meet up with alli, lauren, brooke & heff.


heff photo bomb!

after a few drinks there, we decided to head to bricco in the north end to meet up with allis cousin. i seriously love briccos bar- i always end up having a good time (and good wine- i love the bottega vinaia cab sav) when im there!  our friend victoria also randomly ended up being there, which was a great surprise.


birthday cake shots at midnight!

after taking a shot at midnight (well, 12:08 since we lost track of time) it was time for me to head to bed since I knew it would be a busy day on saturday!

the actual birthday day started with brunch at abe & louies with lauren and brooke.

brunch proseccono better way to kick off a birthday than with a glass of prosecco- cheers! ive somehow managed to never dine at abe & louies before (for those of you not from boston, it’s kind of a staple) so i was pretty excited.

brunch cc

i wish i took a better picture (darn.) but i got the crab cake benedict and they were super delicious. read: i cleaned plate. lauren got the steak benedict with a truffle hollandaise that looked super tasty as well.  brooke got the wedge salad and french onion soup and unfortunately was a little less satisfied than us. (but nothing another glass of prosecco couldnt fix)

they must have head lauren and brooke say happy birthday to me when we walked in, because they came out with a piece of their seven layer chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream at the end of the meal!

brunch cake

dont mind if i do.

after stuffing my face with about half of the piece of cake (it was super rich) we walked over to stephanies on newbury to meet alli and chris. i only got to stay for a drink before i had to leave to meet brodie/michelle- but after hearing them talk about the warm goat cheese appetizer they were ordering, i must go back soon.

after michelle got in and was settled, we grabbed a couple bottles of wine and walked over to meet brodie & busa. michelle and busa chatted about italy while brodie and i were just being silly. we ended up going to lincoln in southie to meet back up with alli & chris, unfortunately totally forgetting to get dinner. whoops.

lincoln group

the group sans alli at lincoln

lincoln me busa michelle

brittany sandwich

lincoln me brodie meeshi wish this one came out better!

lincoln meallimeesh

same goes for this one…. also, why do i have a peg leg?

lincoln me brodes

this one could be worse….

lincoln meesh brodie

but nothing beats this one.
michelles face + guys posing in the back = priceless

seeing as we skipped dinner, michelle and i ended up going back to brodies and ordering an obscene amount of chinese food and watching one of our favorite movies, big fish. (brodie, if youre reading this, i owe you money for renting that.) i personally loved that they gave us six fortune cookies. nope, dont worry, its just two fatties stuffing their faces.

the next morning we got ready and met up with teresa so we could head over to cinquecento in sowa for siena’s first birthday party! id never been here before, and its definitely a really cool space.  we were in a little back private dining room which worked out perfect since there were a bunch of kiddos there!

siena drink

us at the kid-free table started off with some drinks- i got an aperol spritz which hit the spot! light and refreshing. we started off with a basket of pastries- michelle and i split a croissant and a chocolate croissant, which we both warm and delicious.

i forgot to take pictures of the food, but the kid-free table all ordered the same thing, the frittata con prosciutto (parmacotto ham & fontina omelet with crispy potatoes.) super tasty! i feel like its hard to judge restaurants on brunch, so id definitely like to come back here again for dinner!

siena cupcake

instead of a big cake, kp got the cutest little cupcakes from georgetown cupcake. (greg also made all these little jars filled with hershey kisses which were adorable!)

siena cupcake (2)

happy birthday little siena!

she seriously is one of the cutest and most well behaved babes ever- she looked so pretty in her party outfit. so glad we were able to be apart of her special day!

afterwards, michelle ended up having to go but teresa and i decided to have a few more drinks (she was lucky and had monday off. me, not so much.) ended up at causeway, a new bbq place by the garden, and we really liked it! i cant wait to go back and eat.


and while we were there we saw the budweiser clydesdale horses! apparently they were shooting a commerical, cant wait to see it.

phew, so i think that about sums up my birthday weekend. im so thankful for all of my friends who took the time to make me feel super special, it was greatly appreciated. now, time to put away the tiara until next year… 



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