aint no mountain high enough.

so tonight i had plans to meet brodie at seven. i got home at six, packed up my trash (i absolutely hate two day a week trash day in the north end), put on my best jeggings, grabbed my finest bottle of $7 pinot and headed over to bruces apt. at 7:30 (i was kinda read: very hangry he was late…)

IMG_0009surprised is an understatement. i walked into the most perfect pink princess party with three of my best friends.

IMG_0012princess table settings




honestly, i could not have been more surprised and happy to walk into this. i had talked to kelly earlier who played it off that she was staying at home and busa said i wouldn’t see her til next week. brodie made us dinner and having my friends around the table while he prayed for a good year for me made my soul smile. honestly, i have the best friends on earth.


i blew out my candles, and while i cant tell you what i wished for ill tell you this- there is a reason some people are in your life- and i am so thankful for my friends. they remind me daily of what is good, true, sometimes what i don’t want to hear, but always what is honest. so i leave you with my flaming cake because OMG im so old (the cake can be sugar coated, but the fact im in my last year before thirty cannot… ugh, seriously, im old.)

IMG_0017and then theres me being a princess. i tried to take a picture at the bar and it came out awful. i had eight chins. so, yes, you get a selfie. yup, everything about this picture may be totally self centered- but hey, its my birthday. im allowed to have a crown and a bouquet if i want! (be thankful the multiple pink boas were making me hot and are in the bag at this point.)IMG_0027and my smile comes 100% from my friends that made tonight one of the best night I’ve had in my 29 years. AND, my best friend from home comes up on saturday to celebrate with me and it just reminds i am so lucky. (im also so lucky, because in case you didnt notice in the picture above- my iphoneeee got delivereddddd :))

happy thursday (now friday!) to you all! my sappy birthday carrie bradshaw takeaway of the day- somedays may not start exactly how you planned, but if you surround yourself with great friends, it will end up exactly the way it should be!



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