row 34 for my 29.

four words for you: i am so full. as i mentioned last night, today was my birthday lunch with the jibbys. they asked me if i had any preference on where i wanted to go, but i said surprise me. and boy did they do a good job!

we headed out on a walk towards the seaport/fort point and ended up at row 34. I’ve been wanting to try this place since it opened (hello, seafood!), but i never made it there until today.


really cool inside that i failed to take a picture of.
photo cred from here.

loved the space.  although our reservation was for inside, it was 70 degrees so we asked if they could seat us outside. so glad they were able to accommodate! its not often i get to spend my birthday dining outside without a jacket!

i was torn between a few items, including the lobster roll and the crab cake, but lately i have been craving fried clams so i ended up with the ipswich fried clams with fries and cole slaw.


definitely made the right decision. these bad boys were gooooood and totally hit the spot! (aka there was nothing left in this basket besides two empty metal ramekins by the end. not that you expected anything less from me.)

teresa got the hand cut pasta with broccoli & shrimp and kristin (being an amazing trooper who does NOT eat seafood) braved the 99.9% seafood menu and got the bacon cheddar burger with caramelized onions.  both also looked really good!

and because eating a basket of fried food isn’t enough, we had to get some birthday dessert! i had ordered the apple crisp thinking it was the easiest to share but unfortunately (fortunately?) they were out so they brought us out two other desserts to enjoy, and they were on the house!


first up was a butterscotch pudding, complete with a birthday candle
(a wish was made)


followed by a homemade chocolate peanut butter candy bar

i think the chocolate peanut butter candy bar was my favorite because, hello, chocolate and peanut butter! it tasted kinda like a snickers bar mixed with a peanut butter cup. super rich and super delicious.  not to be overshadowed though was the pudding- the butterscotch flavor was not too overpowering and the rice krispies added a nice texture. see, now you know why i am kinda glad the apple crisp wasn’t available. 

i always love time with teresa and kristin, but birthday lunches are always so special! especially because we got to recap teresas wedding and hear all about her amazing honeymoon! who’s taking me to hawaii?!

oh, and because i clearly didnt eat enough, i headed over to stoddards for dinner. i hadn’t been there in ages, so was excited to give it another whirl!

street scene for blog

photo cred

i didnt take any pictures here, but i got the grilled shrimp and asparagus over lobster risotto with a stone ipa. you know, just a light meal after a heavy lunch… would totally recommend ordering it. its a pretty big serving too with lots of lobster chunks in the risotto, even i wasn’t able to finish it! recommend.

tumblr_meskp4jg3u1ql5yr7o1_400probably what i should have wished for
when i blew out my candle

headed over to the theaters to see gone girl and what the whatttt. that movie is seriously whacked. entertaining, but holy crazy. (i think i can be psycho sometimes but movies like this remind me i am actually sane.) i probably should have read the book first (its been lying in bed with me for a week now) but am curious now to compare, so will probably get started on it tonight when i finish this post!

in case you’ve been living under a rock you haven’t heard of the book/movie, here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure.

oh and while we are talking trailers: one, i cannottttttt wait for mockingjay part one to come out (peetahhhh) and two, the trailer for fifty shades of grey made me seriously blush, i cannot imagine seeing it in the theaters. (i also cannot imagine all the boyfriends that are going to be literally dragged there on valentines day.)

alrighty, well now that im about five pounds heavier and completely exhausted, its time for bed.  have another early/busy day tomorrow so time to hit the sheets.  hope you all had a delicious hump day as well!



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