snacks & swans.

whew! so far this week is one of those “im so busy the days are flying by but somehow the week is standing still” kinda weeks.  it really feels like it should be thursday already (or at least wednesday)- i just don’t get it!


yesterday after work i made a quick stop at the market to pick up a few things to hold me over til peapod comes tomorrow morning. randomly grabbed this new-to-me flavor of laughing cow cheese and holy yum guys, its goooood.

DSCN0764i just dipped some pretzels into the wedge, but def plan on using this instead of mayo in turkey wraps next week for lunch. if im replacing mayo with it, you know i must really like it.

something else im digging right now- my halloween plans! i got an email this afternoon from the boston ballet announcing their swan lake black & white masquerade on halloween.


i haven’t been to the ballet in probably a year and tickets were on sale, so i texted alli to see if she’d be interested. i was kind of expecting her to say no (ballet is definitely not everyones cup of tea) but to my excitement she was totally in!

i reallllllly want to win the black & white contest- so we decided we are totally dressing up. alli is going to be the black swan and im going to be the white swan. queue fancy dresses, tall heels, fake eyelashes, and most importantly- masks! was poking around on etsy and ebay after work to see whats out there. so far i think this one (seen below) is my favorite but not rushing into one yet! (kind of like this one too! a bit more flare.)


eeeee so much fun. i am also totally looking forward to a halloween spent sipping champagne at the ballet rather than being in a crowded apartment drinking cheap beer. i really am getting old

oh, and i finally went to tmobile and ordered my new iPhone. its not supposed to get here til the 25th, lame, but i am so excitedddddd.


alrighty, time to do some things around the apartment so i can get to bed early. tomorrow is going to be incredibly busy work wise, plus i have my jibby birthday lunch (yay!) and am going to see gone girl tomorrow night. phew! busy b indeed. have a good night!




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