october outlook.


like seriously, i cannot believe its already october! in work terms, that means the start of Q4 (the busiest time of the year for me.) and in personal terms, that means its my BIRTHDAY MONTHHH!!!!

referralsfigured id kick off the month with a little round up of some fun things coming up in october!

october 8th(ish): new iPhone case!

ok, so i don’t actually have the new iPhone yet since I’m debating switching carriers (more on that in a second.) oh and theres that minor detail that they are sold out everywhere. RAR. figured i could ease my sadness a little by ordering a case at least. found this one online and was a big fan because it’s clear and i already made the decision im going all shahs of sunset booshie and getting the gold.


said case.


said shahs.

i had sent a link to the case to kp who is debating getting the gold as well, so she was a doll and placed the order for us. love you jana! its backordered, but its expected to get here on october 8th. eeee.

but yes, back to carriers. my two-year contact with at&t is up and seriously im pretty fed up with them.  i barely get service in my apartment, which is unacceptable for my usual $100-110 a month bill.

verizon has the best service… blah blah blah i know. but its also expensive as whattttt. not switching to save $0.

saw a commercial for the sprint unlimited plan for $50, which actually comes out to $70 once you factor in leasing the phone.  savings of $30 is good, but not a fan of the fact you don’t get to keep the phone (you just keep trading it in when new ones come out.) im really not sure why im so against trade ins. oh wait, yes i do. its because every other year i tend to lose one/break one and like a back up.

queue my old pal, tmobile.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 6.13.06 AM

so for $77 a month and $0 upfront, i get unlimited talk, text, data*, unlimited international data & text (which probably doesn’t really matter- but glad ill be able to use my phone in france), AND i get to keep my phone at the end of the plan. i think we have a winner!!!

they are backordered, so have to wait til they are back in stock (boo) but probably best i don’t get it until the case comes anyways…


(*ok so it’s only 1GB of 4G data BUT streaming music doesn’t count against that…. which is usually what im doing if im not on wifi. for $10 more a month you can get 3GB, but going to start off with the 1GB… either way, still saving $$$)

october 11: the best day of the year.


….just kidding. maybe. muahaha

october 18th: family birthday party

so my birthday is the 11th, my dads is the 14th, my brother alex and cousin olivias are the 17th, and little sophia is the 29th. phew. since there are so many of us we are going to have one big party at home.

so excited to see everyone, obviously, but there are zero words for how excited i am to celebrate with my favorite nugget!

i can’t believe she’s turning two, scary!

october 22: volunteering at the food bank

alli had sent us an email asking if we wanted to volunteer with her at the greater boston food bank, and since my volunteering is a little low aka nonexistent these days, i quickly said yes!


victoria, who i haven’t seen in ages, is coming too! so super pumped to catch up with her. oh, and i was promised wine after. that always makes volunteering more fun.

october 24: jibby birthday night

you may remember that before kps birthday, we decided to do birthday lunches and then one big jana night out for all three. the date that worked best for us (and is in the middle) is october 24th! plans are still tbd- but i cannot waitttttt.


october 25: fleetwood mac

i am SO excited for this concert. got tickets monthsssss ago so im super pumped its almost here! also awesome is the fact that its at the garden aka walking distance!


(oh and that reminds me, AHS is back this month too!)

ok two things not happening in october but need to be mentioned:

1.) tak3n is happening.

so taken and taken 2 are brodies favorite movies (alongside home alone, dirty dancing & mrs. doubtfire.) and because of this, i think ive seen taken and taken 2 approximately 57 times. each. so was SUPER excited to find out that they were making a third and final installment. you will find us with mini bottles of wine in the theaters january 8th.

2.) mg & andy are getting married!

while this is not new news, yesterday i got their save the date and OMG it is the cutest thing i have literally ever seen.


my brain was literally jello after work yesterday, and when i got the envelope, i snapped a pic of the back to send to mg. comment to go along with said picture “omg! i got an envelope that has a stitch-a-like on the back!”

duh brittany. it IS stitch.
(and its from her!)


um… spectacular! they could not be any more unique and adorable (although i expect nothing less from my fabulous gitty.) so glad ill get to see her in november, and in april for her big bachelorette/thirtieth celebration in miami (queue the music) and then again in may to see her marry the love of her life. so much gitty britty time- excited is an understatement.

PHEW. well i think that’s it (so far.) now its time to get ready for work and pray the rain holds off-although it doesn’t look like it. i really don’t feel like being tired (woke up at 4:45 and couldn’t go back to sleep, ugh) AND wet. ickkkkkk….



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