weekend update: boats & beaches.

something tells me that this is the last weekend in the 80’s that we are going to have for a veryyy long time and i have to say- i enjoyed every ray of sunshine!

saturday, brodie and i met up at joes for brunch. typically i get the chicken club sandwich, but last time i ordered that it was pretty sub-par, so i decided to get a caesar salad with a crab cake.

crab cake

i love joes crab cakes- not a lot of filler- but wish it had been a little bigger for $7 (read: this should not have costed $19… woof.) after finishing up, we decided to head over to the legal harborside roof deck. had a few bud lights and then we got the best call- someone had brought a boat back early, so we could take it out!

new boat 1

such a beautiful day! we drove about thirty minutes out then just relaxed, had a few drinks, and talked. after about an hour we headed back to shore and decided we should happy hour at the landing. debated heading out for the night from there, but decided to just call it quits and both went home. smart. move.

woke up relatively early since the rest of my night was spent watching brothers & sisters (aka my new obsession.) was trying to figure out what to do with the day when i got a call from brodie “hey, do you want to go to newport?” ….um, duh. yes!


perfect beach day.


tried to convince brodie to buy one of these houses.


obviously chose a spot in front of the abc
(sadly, there was no band, boo.)

DSCN0662one more beach shot because, come on, it was gorgeous!

after we worked on our tans, we headed back to the hotel viking to check in and get ready for dinner. i wish i had taken pictures, but totally forgot, so the next few are all courtesy of google plus.



photo2gorgeous interior


after we checked in and dropped off our bags, we decided we had time for a hot tub (because who doesn’t have time for a hot tub.) seriously obsessed with this hotel! it was gorgeous and i loved its old world feel. (brodie got it on priceline- name your price, in case you were curious. i think he said it was $160 for the night, steal!) after an hour of gabbing we decided to finally get ready for dinner.

first stop: happy hour at the landing. (two days. two landings!)


ketel one greyhounds all around. this is where we took my favorite picture i posted before- but in case you just cannot get enough of looking at pictures of me and brodes, here ya go!


thanks to the random person i forced asked to take our picture! from the landing, we headed over to forty 1 north. since we were getting hungry, we ordered some tuna tartar (unpictured) and a glass of wine.


decisions, decisions.


a pensive bloggist.

after we cleaned plate on the tartar and finished our drinks, we made our way over to the cooke house. queue more unpictured food and drinks, but i was able to capture the beautiful sunset.


love this place.

wah, im so sad the weekend is over.  i already printed out a picture and put it in a frame that was in desperate need of an updated pic. now ill remember our last summer-y weekend of 2014 everyyyy dayyy.


but seriously- how great is CVS picture printing?! I’m so bad at getting hard copies of pictures, but really need to start doing a better job. CVS makes it so easy, there really is no excuse! uploaded this one online, picked it up an hour later. (well, two copies to be exact, for fifty cents.)

oh and this was wonderful to open up on the eve of my birthday month…


AARP? really?! yikes…

i mean i know I’m getting old… but that old?! eek. useful mail? the flyer about pod pass. so a three-month pod pass costs $39; six-month, $59; and one year, $99. what is the pod pass? its free delivery during the time frame you pay for (with a minimum $60 order.) i usually try to order over $100 so the delivery costs $6.95 rather than $9.95, and i order twice a month. sooooo the $100 for the year would save me about $67. not bad!

alrighty, off to make lunch for tomorrow and finish up watching the patriots game. hope you all had a great weekend, and a great monday!



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