quick sides: sautéed shaved sprouts.

I’m happy to report that tuesday is going better than monday (minus the xerox machine at work that sounds like a broken hamster wheel. every. time. something. prints….)

tumblr_mfvbw3wM811s1kqrno1_500i predict this will closely resemble my dreams tonight.

anyways, i had a few errands to run and have plans to meet kelly to watch below deck later, so there was not much time to get dinner ready and not much in my fridge. i was good and cooked a piece of chicken last night, so just had to heat that up- but the only veggies left in my fridge are two bags of brussels sprouts.


a few days ago, i saved a recipe from one of my favorite blogs, chelsea eats treats, and even though i didn’t have all the ingredients to recreate exactly, i knew i could definitely use her recipe as a guide!

i love brussels sprouts and usually roast them- but it does makes my apartment super hot (not ideal in the summer) and does takes awhile (especially since im usually starving when i get home) so when i saw chelsea put hers in the food processor to chop and sauté i had a total why didnt i think of that before moment.


into a pan over medium heat i put equal parts of olive oil and butter (probably half a tablespoon of each?) and some minced garlic cloves. while the garlic cooked in the oil/butter mixture, i gave the sprouts a whirl in my favorite little cusinart. (surprisingly, the whole bag fit in there!)

i added the now shaved brussels sprouts into the pan and cooked for about five minutes.  while cooking i added in the juice of a lemon, a little salt & pepper, and some rosemary…. and th-th-th-th-that’s all folks! scoop into a bowl and serve.


SO good! this is definitely a keeper. i think next time i will try and pick up some pine nuts like chelsea had, but might substitute in sun dried tomatoes for cherry tomatoes (which just aren’t my jam.)

OH and did you happen to notice something in the picture of the cuisinart?! guess who found their necklace! it was underneath the soda stream, found it when i was plugging the cuisnart in. so glad i sifted through my trash looking for that last night… ugh…


a little hard to tell, but its a silver chain and gold b

final thoughts (on television) before i go watch some television:

  1. i am pretty disappointed in last nights the blacklist. i mean, last week i couldn’t say enough good things about it, and this weeks episode, meh. I’m hoping the first episode was just a dud….
  2. i am pretty no extremely excited for the new season of parenthood starting on thursday. i think it might be one of my favorite shows of all time. im so sad its almost over 😦



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