today is definitely monday.

i mean, no one sane ever likes mondays, but today was just one of those mondays where nothing seemed to go right!


i guess technically some of mondays badness started on sunday when i got an email from delta saying they were changing our return flight from vegas from a direct flight (red eye getting in at 6am) to a flight with a layover in detroit that gets in four hours later than planned.


called delta to see if they had lost all their marbles what they were doing to compensate us for this ridiculous change (no longer able to sleep, two hour layover, going to need to take time off from work/school, uh… detroit), and they said they could offer a free cancellation or $50…. um… what?


fail. looked into other direct flights and they are all SUPER expensive now. so now we are deciding whether we are going to take the trip still as planned or postpone until another weekend (i suggested we do it as a spring break trip when we are all tired of the winter.) so TBD on if the trip is still happening, but theres strike one.

strike two? no internet at work. all day. i literally had to send a fax. a fax. like, 1999 called, it wants its technology back.


you don’t realize how much easier work is with technology until its gone. thankfully, i was just able to log in remotely and see that email is back up and running so at least tomorrow should run a little smoother.


(odds of me using a fax machine ever again? probably slim to none.)

get home and do a little cooking and cleaning and was so excited to see that silver linings playbook was finallyyyy added to netflix. maybe the day is shaping up after all….

nope. note to self: do not try to triple task.

well not only was i a bit disappointed in the movie (i think partly because i wasn’t paying close attention), but I’m pretty sure i threw away my new necklace.


ugh. i went through the trash and couldn’t find it. but i also couldn’t find it anywhere else. soooo… fingers crossed it turns up.

dinner actually came out really tasty and was super easy- too bad i was too busy worrying about my necklace that i forgot to take a nice picture of it on a plate… sorry folks.


(don’t mind the stove… you can see why cleaning was also necessary…)

while some ground turkey was browning, i used my spiralizer to cut up four zucchinis into noodles. once the meat was browned/drained, i added in a jar of classico tomato & basil sauce and the noodles until they were heated through. like i said, terrible picture, but once i topped with some fresh grated parm cheese it was delicious! portioned it out into three lunches for the rest of the week too. easy peasy.

oh, and so we end on a positive note, i realized i forgot to share two fun new things!

one: i got a new makeup bag (which i was in desperate need of) this weekend in new hampshire that matches my passport cover! i just love this ame & lulu pattern.


also- i got glasses! i only have to wear them when im driving, watching movies, reading things far away- but boy does it make such a difference! def didnt realize how blurry things were until i finally bit the bullet and got these.

Photo on 9-22-14 at 9.47 PM

(who’s getting me botox for my birthday?)

these are the frames, in case you were curious! i got them at lunette optic downtown, which is also where i get my eyes checked. they are great! highly recommend. i love how they don’t dilate your eyes so you can go in during your lunch break and be in and out in 30 minutes! anyways, really digging being a part-time four-eyes.

so, three strikes, but three wins. so i guess that makes monday a wash. but lets be real, aren’t most mondays?! here’s hoping that tuesday goes a bit better- going to watch saving mr. banks and then head to bed. hope your tuesday goes better than my monday!




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