if the shoe fits.

guys, im SO excited right now. why? because i finally found a pair of boots i can wear with jeans that did not break the bank- its a serious fall miracle and deserves celebration.


so a few weeks ago i started looking for a pair of nude wedges on zappos since i destroyed mine last year. found a pair i liked for $50, win! bookmarked them to buy later… and of course when i went back to buy them they were sold out. just my luck. i googled them (call it spring: carnegie) and saw they still had them on their website, and they were on sale! score. i signed up to receive emails as well and got an extra 10% off. success.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 7.48.15 PM

said wedges.

anyways, was talking to kelly later who mentioned how she needed new boots. ummm… me too. i have my trusty pair of cowboy boots and a pair of black slouchy boots from aldo (who is actually the parent company of call it spring), but they have both seen better days.  decided to check out the call it spring website to see if they had any that weren’t super expensive. (i reallllllllly need to stop spending money with all my trips coming up!)


found these on their website and was pumped to see that they had them in store in the cambridge galleria. there is zero way i can buy boots online because i have really fat large strong calves that usually do not fit into boots, especially not if i plan on wearing them with jeans! being the super patient person i am, i immediately walked over after work. #InstantGratificationNeeded


…needless to say these puppies came home with me! they fit perfectly and were on sale in store for $54! seriously debating going back for the black because i will probably never find another pair of boots that fit like this for the price! going to hold off until my next paycheck (and after ive worn these to make sure they are comfortable.) im really good at this not spending money game… 

i couldn’t get any good pictures of myself in the boots without my neighbors thinking i was crazy…er, but planning on wearing them sunday, so they will likely make an appearance on (b)log next week!


oh, and it turned out that the wedges were 20% off in store as well (thankfully they didnt carry the nude in stores so i didnt have buyers remorse) but decided to pick up a pair in black as well since i dont have any closed toe black wedges and needed shoes for teresas wedding this weekend. (ok i didnt realllllly need them for the wedding, but wedges are so much easier to dance in! and i. plan. on. dancing.) …told you i was good at this not spending money game…


so glad they are super easy to walk in and comfortable. i ended up buying two pairs of heel cushions to put in the back of the wedges for $4- i didnt really think i needed them, but they definitely make the shoes even more comfortable. glad i listened to the girl working there!

rest of the night was spent catching up on some tv with the polar bear- missed below deck and rich kids of beverly hills (so awful yet oh so good) and i totally forgot the new season of mindy project started as well!


ooo and just remembered that today is my friday! woohoo. have a ton of errands i need to run before i leave for new hampshire tomorrow though so must. be. productive. (good thing i did nothing but shop and watch tv last night… whoops.) talk to you later!




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