happy birthday jana!

before we even start here, lets all wish kristin a happy birthday! love my jana.photo 3

with kp having a baby, teresa having a wedding, and me playing the field being available, we decided since all our birthdays are close, instead of three separate birthday dinners, we’d do one big night out and do three birthday lunches.

had kp’s bday lunch at mc spiedo in the waterfront area this monday. i had found it on eater and made the resi on open table. despite missing our silver line train twice (fail) it was relatively easy to get to. the space is hugeeee…. large murals, a big dining area and some cozy booths set up, which is where we chose to sit.

mc spiedo 04 meg jones wall

image from eater- my camera died.

our waiter was super friendly and despite the huge space, we were only one of maybe three parties there.  instead of bread, they started us with this pita-ish bread that was ok, but nothing to write home about. (would have been better with something to dip in. i was starving, so i clearly ate it all.) they also brought around a cart with the daily special- an italian sandwich that came with an appetizer for $14. fact: it could have fed four… and i should have got that.

i ended up with a fried eggplant ricotta sandwich on rosemary focaccia that was tasty, but the bread was a bit dry so it could have used a little more of the ricotta spread. don’t get me wrong, i cleaned plate, but i was anticipating a bit more.

photo 1

bad picture of my sandwich and fries.

and speakkkking of fries. i love mayo- if you’ve been reading or know me, you know its the only condiment on earth that matters to me. SO i was a little disappointed when i requested mayo for my house cuts fries i got mayo packets. but, ok, fine. the fries were still good.

anyways. PRO: i had checked out the lunch menu and noticed they had no dessert menu. so when i booked the reservation, i told them it was kristins bday and wed like a slice of the chocolate hazelnut torte that was on the dinner dessert menu.

ummmm… crushed it here. not only did they say happy birthday to her throughout the meal, they brought us over the BIGGEST piece of torte (seen first in this post) with a candle in it! AND it was on the house. bravo.

would i go back? yes. i think the place has a lot of promise, its just maybe not the best during work hours, and maybe not a sandwich place! id def try their pizzas or entres. plus, they are new, so ill cut them some slack

moving on….

after the polo match i decided i TOTALLY needed a jean jacket. i was in love with delany’s (not too dark, not too light, not too short, not too long… i feel like goldilocks and the three bears, but you get what I’m saying.) she said she got it at loft, so i headed over after work.

welp, theres a reason i never wear one, its just NOT my style. works for some. but def not on me… buttttt… i found an awesome moto jacket that is also totally not me, but i kindaaaa had to have. new year (almost!), new b. #edgy.

photo 2

 i mean, id normally never even try this on, but something made me try it and i love! i asked mothers opinion before buying, as well as kps, and they both were thumbs up, so i bit the bullet and did it. so far, loving!

oh, and was going to stay in tonight, but brodie surprised me with tickets to the eagles! hell freezes over? sign me up. i will say the crowd was… uh… interesting…. but love don henley!


 they didnt play hotel california, which i was kinda bummed about. but otherwise was a lot of fun! also fun… yesterday was maias birthday! aka the best grandma ever.

photo 1

love you a bushel and a peck

can i also state how much i miss mini soph?! she’s like an actual person now… wah. were does the time go?! anyways, enjoy your hump day!


    • whats the number one song on your playlist right now? (i need a new gym playlist- loving all things ed sheeran currently! but need some more.)



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