giddy up!

a new post on (b)log?! i know exactly how you must be feeling right now…


when i started (b)log back up again i had serious intentions of keeping this bad boy up to date. and to be honest, im a little bummed i didn’t stick to it. but i made some changes in my life and updating the (b)log was just not a priority. but now im back, and hopefully for good, especially since there are some really exciting things coming up (teresas wedding! my birthday! vegas! france! london! eeeeee.) i’ll probably do a few throwback posts to capture some of the fun getaways i went on this summer, but for now lets just stick to this weekend, k?

yesterday, the ladies and i headed up to south hamilton to attend a polo match, how pretty woman of us, eh? it was a little chilly out (fall is officially here, boo) but atleast the sun was shining!


jocelyns boyfriend plays polo and was able to get us a tailgating spot right in the middle of the field AND in the sun. good work sir, good work. myopia was playing newport (who ive actually seen play before.) dont ask me anything else about the match though because the only things i know about polo are 1.) the horses are pretty and 2.) im pretty sure i couldnt hit a ball while riding a horse if my life depended on it.


if youve been reading for a while you know that my friends and i dont do anything without ample food and booze. oh, and if alli is in attendance, there will be novelty decorations. o.m.g. i ate so much. (shocker.) everything was soooo good. girlfriends dont mess around.


on the menu:

  • cheese/meat plate with miniature ponies courtesy of alli (pictured above)
  • spinach and cheese quiche courtesy of lauren
  • grilled chicken skewers with homemade tzatziki dipping sauce courtesy of jocelyn
  • fruit salad courtesy of delaney
  • chocolate peanut butter pretzel bites courtesy of yours truly (will post recipe this week- SO easy.)


delaney, lauren, alli, jocelyn and myself
before stomping some divots.

we had such a blast and were all super bummed when the match was over. we hung around for a bit longer before packing up shop and heading back to boston. i totally foresee many more polo games in our future.

oh, and as for saturday, i can sum that up in two words: the blacklist. i was hoping season six of sons of anarchy would be on nextflix at this point since the new season is starting, but no dice. noticed that the first season of the blacklist was added. i had zero clue what the show was about, but since im a huge james spader fan (boston legal was so underrated) i decided to give it a whirl…


….um im not going to even tell you how many episodes i watched because its embarrassing. ok fine i watched them all. it was raining, cut me some slack. seriously though, if you dont watch it, start! the new season starts next week.

hope you all had a great weekend too!



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