blue skies smiling at me.

monday again, already? sigh. at least the weekend ended like this:

photoone of my favorite parts about living in the north end is being so close to the water! especially on warm summer nights (finallyyyy). nothing beats the smell of the water on a walk at dusk. nada.

speaking of the north end, this week they were filming a new johnny depp movie, black mass, right down the street from me!

photo 3

was super cool to see all the film crews (and spy a few stars!) on my walk home from work. not as cool- filming went late into the night.  i didn’t hear it at first, but my friend brittany who lives across the street texted me asking if i heard gun shots. i didn’t think they’d still be filming so texted her it was probably just someone throwing away trash in a dumpster loudly or something. then it happened again… and again. scary! wish they had posted notices or something. either way- will be cool to see the movie when it comes out!

photo 4

 late night filming

my weekend started out at the merchant, a new restaurant/bar downtown.  the space itself is really neat- unfortunately, none of my pictures really captured the room well.

DSCN0453the dining area


raw bar counter

DSCN0458bar area

initial thoughts on the merchant: good drink list. they had a nice selection of beers and the wines by the glass were reasonably priced. one thing i wasn’t a fan of, the staff was not exactly the friendliest. we had a group of about 20-25 people (20-25 people who like to drink, might i add) and they were a wee bit rude about accommodating us. i also got carded three separate times (which seemed a bit unnecessary….) it could have just been an off night, so not writing this place off just yet! but probably will only go back with a smaller group next time.

lauren had met me and my coworkers out and after a few drinks we ended up heading out to meet up with some of her friends.

DSCN0464we hit up bostonia public house (love!), pit stopped at her apartment, and then headed over to empire.

photo 5this is the new seersucker dress i bought the other day! it’s only been a week since memorial day and I’ve already worn it twice. have a feeling this one is going to end up being a go to. thanks j.simps!

something else new (to me) that i love- these wholly guacamole spicy single serve cups.

photo 1

these things def have a kick (fair warning) and it’s the perfect portion to add to a sandwich or put on toast or eat with a spoon.

off to bed- hope you all had a nice weekend as well and were able to enjoy the sunshine. here’s hoping the sun sticks around!




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