piggy pig pig.

i dont know about you, but i am SUPER excited to have a long weekend. im also super excited to bust out my white jeans/shorts. ooo, and my new seersucker dress! i cant find a picture of it online (odd) but planning on wearing it this weekend- will snap a pic then.

my other favorite new item? this.

hot dogs

brodie picked it up for me at the christmas tree shop and i am in love. (in case you are a new reader- i have a mild obsession with hot dogs. and by mild i mean im an addict.) considering i recently bought a hot dog cooker, this will get plenty of use.

speaking of food: ive been ravenous this week. like, its bad. im not exercising more or going through a growth spurt (im still holding out hope) so it doesnt make sense. my scale agrees.


i bought these to eat as a snack at work since i love cheese, lots of bloggers post them as their “what i ate wednesday” snack,  and they are only 50 calories (i think).  guess what? they taste gross. dont get me wrong, i ate the whole sachel of them (leave no cheese behind) but they will not be making an appearance in my peapod cart again.


this wrap, however, tasted like heaven. my new go-to at paulis is the killer bee. breaded chicken cutlet, bacon, lettuce, tomato, provolone & honey mustard on a whole wheat wrap. seriously, so good. i could eat this every day….


tuesday was my assistants birthday so i decided to get a cake to celebrate! im a mikes girl, but (besides the rum cake) i think modern makes much better cakes! alex is a chocolate lover as well, so went with the chocolate mousse cake.


everyone else was good and took little slivers. i took a ginormous piece. and let me tell you, it was totally worth every calorie.  despite looking like a sugar bomb, it wasn’t overly sweet (more cocoa-y), which was nice because i didnt feel like death after eating it. i just felt like the zipper on my skirt was going to break. reasonably priced too, in case youre curious- decent sized cake and only set me back $28!

wednesday was a going away party for my sorority sistah cecily.  her and her husband billy are moving across the pond to london at the end of the month! to bid them farewell, we all ate like pigs ate a pig.


i had been wanting to try the pig roast at citizen public house for a few years now but never had a reason to plan one/got invited to one. for $45 a person you get some seafood (a shrimp, a clam and an oyster)


(sorry for crappy camera pic)

unpictured salad, sides of mashed potatoes, spicy kale and roasted brussel sprouts and, well, pig. LOTs of pig.


this was the portion cecily put on allis plate. #chowdown

i really enjoyed the salad and all of the sides were delicious! and definitely plenty to go around (family style scares me sometimes. i do not like to share food. all mineeee.) the pig itself was ok. it was hard to tell what you were eating and some pieces i liked, and some errr not so much.


nose anyone?

victoria actually ate a piece of the nose! cecily & billy both had bites of the brain. me, i stuck to my glass of wine (this wine was really really good by the way- and reasonably priced!)

photo 1

sadly, i sat at the other side of the huge table, so i didnt get to really chat with cecily & billy, but had a blast chatting with these lovely ladies! must do it again soon. (drink and gossip that is. i think im good on pork for awhile.)


feeling a wee bit hungover tired on thursday i decided to (you guessed it) keep eating. fail. knew i was going to a burger tasting later that night (more to come on that soon!) so i made the wise decision to hit the gym right after work.


i dont think i actually burned that many calories (i never trust the machines) but based on my heart rate and time, i think i probably burned off about 850 calories. no where near what i’ve consumed, but hey, somethings better than nothing amiright.

after the burger tasting, we hit up wind & nod, a new speak easy in the south end. seriously, walked right by this place. its def hidden! once you get in the door you need to walk down a flight of stairs and then it opens into a really awesome space!


i couldnt get a good pic since it was so dark and didnt want to be that girl using flash, so photo cred from here. ended up snagging two seats at the bar (there are high tops and loungey couch seats as well) and checked out the cocktail list.

photo 2

i decided upon the madonna. (strike a pose.) i cant remember everything thats in it, but it was gin, grapefruit, egg white….and a whole lotta other stuff. tasted like a fluffy creamsicle- i was a fan! i ended up switching to an old fashioned, but would order this guy again. (im such a sucker for egg drinks.) overall, reallllllly want to go back there again soon!

will be back soon with a burger tasting post, but for now im off to enjoy the long weekend! you do the same, k?




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