BrasserieJO Burger Bash!

this probably goes without saying, but when i got an email about a burger tasting at BrasserieJO i was pretty stoked. voting for the 2014 battle of the burger is underway and chef calias invited some of us bloggers to sample his creation.


after burning off some calories at the gym, i showered up and headed over to back bay. it looked like it was about to pour, but thankfully it held off (although my hair probably would have looked better wet- totally forgot to pack my flat iron in my gym bag. this hair does NOT do muggy days and blow drying only well. )


the library. also known as a place i haven’t been to in six years.
note to self: get a library card.

first things first: hydrate. i ended up going with a stella and tim got a brooklyn lager. there weren’t a ton of beers on tap, but they did have a decent selection of bottles.  while a couple were temping, i figured stella would pair best with the burger (and i was right). good call, b. 


lets eat! i will admit when i first got there (and was waiting for slow poke the bear who was held up on the t) i saw the plates of sliders coming out and i immediately thought “I’m going to need more food than this…” and texted tim we’d probably have to grab dinner someplace else after. so you can imagine how excited i was to hear that we could eat as many as we want! challenge: accepted.


meet the what the fondue (WTF) burger. from the website “perfectly grilled aged prime sirloin topped with gruyere fondue, local mushrooms and crispy slab bacon, served on a toasted brioche roll with house-made pickles and herb aioli.”

she’s a cute little thang, aint she? first bite was super juicy and mine was cooked medium-rare (how i like it. score.) i love pickles on burgers, so was a big fan of that. and bacon? yeah, that never hurts either!


neither does a big ol’ side of fries

i had three burgers (and then a burger sans bun). i think tim may have had five or six! so clearly, these didn’t suck. i will say i liked my first burger the best- cooked perfectly and had a good amount of the cheese! yum yum. as the night went on, the burgers were a bit more cooked, which just isn’t my style.  i ate them still, obviously, but if the burger makes it to the top 20 to compete, i say go with the medium rare and pour on that cheese chef!

although i was so full my pant button was holding on for dear life, i did take note of the food coming out of the kitchen since id never been there before.  it all looked super tasty! (especially the salade nicoise with seared tuna. mmm.) will have to make my way back there next time I’m hungry (so basically anytime) and am in the back bay!

good luck to BrasserieJO in the burger battle
and a big thanks for having us at your burger bash! 


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