tequila, three strikes & thursday.

um, how is it (almost) the weekend already?! this week has seriously flown by folks…. dying to know what i’ve been up to? probably not. (but i am going to tell you anyways.)


a few weeks ago i opened my email to find this lovely invitation:



tacos? tequila? girls night? yes. yes. yes.

headed over to chez heffbrod after work.  i was kinda afraid it was going to pour (the weather this week has been a serious roller coaster), but thankfully it ended up being quite nice out.


i love the north end, but back bay really is quite charming. i greatly enjoyed walking down the sidewalk and not in the middle of the street due to cannoli hungry tourists.


mini sombreros, drink umbrellas, and quiteee the spread. incase you don’t follow me on instagram and haven’t seen snap shots from other girls nights at allis, she is basically martha stewart.

oh, and that guac that lauren brought over? i could not stop eating it. asked her for her secret recipe: premade guac with feta mixed in. um, i think i can handle that. never ever would have thought to mix feta in, but go try it. and thank me later.


the delicious taco bar.
i only ate one. not sure why i was pretending to be skinny.
i regretted that when i got home.

alli had made a huge pitcher of margaritas (i think this recipe) but had infused her tequilla with jalapenos. holy moly. so good. im not typically a fan of margaritas, but i could have drank a hundred of these. oh wait i did.


wednesday was my favorite day of the week! //insert sarcasm here.

actually, it was off to a good start. our company bought lunch for us and it was deeeelish.  i helped myself to a salad, enough eggplant parm to feed a third world country, and a slice of veggie pizza all from viga as well as an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from potbelly.


thankfully, there was one person in there before me. so i didnt feel like a total pig being the first one to dig in. plus then by the time i went back for seconds there was no line. why is food so good.

anddd here’s where the day starts turning south.

oh hey brittany. totally awesome you probably scored 5 lbs of free food today. that pizza was really good too, huh? but wait- did you forget you have your physical at 2:30? oh you did? too bad. time to get on a scale.


decided id walk to the doctors instead of taking the t so i’d burn off like 1/1875th of the calories i had just consumed. strike one.

i was seriously walking on like an onramp for part of the walk. and then in a reaaaaally seedy section. and then i realized i still wasn’t even close. marvelous. sure my blood pressure is going to be great.

ill spare you the details, but once i found the new building my doctor moved to i literally sat in line with the most whacked people on the planet for like 30 minutes trying to check in. once i got to the front of the line, i found out i was NOT in the right clinic. strike two.

sweeeeeeet. finally get to the right clinic (no line! normal people! amen!) and they tell me since im so late they have to page my doctor to see if she’ll still see me. if not, i need to reschedule….


THANKFULLY my doctor said she’d still see me. amen. since i had to wait a bit until she could fit me in, i was able to take a little power nap on the table and bring my bloodpressure back down.


minus the gallon of blood i had to get drawn, everything else went well. oh, and they decided to weigh me in kilograms which was the highlight of my day. i pretended the number was really pounds and i was the skinniest person ever. what pizza/parm/cookies?

…and then i got home to find this:


strike three.

they have been working on the pipes in the buidling, and apparently one above my apartment decided to break. so my walls/ceiling in the bathroom were just casuallyyyy peeling off. they ended up coming to tear it down and put in a huge fan to dry off the wall innards over the next few days, which is super fun when you live in a shoebox with a cat.


oh yeah, then the bruins lost…. is this day over yet?!?!


thankfully thursday was better. i got new soda stream bottles in the mail since i lost mine the other day. got these colorful ones on amazon, buy two get one free! im actually kinda glad i lost my old one, because its so much nicer having more than one. (and i probably wouldnt have bought more before.)


ended up doing our friday jibby lunch on thursday instead.  it was pretty nice out so we ended up walking over to foumami. i got the chili pepper chicken sandwich and it was amazing as always.


i dont know what their bread is, but its soooo good. oh, and i highly recommend dipping this sucker in siracha for an extra kick. bam!

came back and snacked on some teddy grahams and teddie peanut butter- aka my new favorite afternoon treat.


and for the record, i was so stuffed and did NOT need this.  but i seriously cannot eat lunch and then not have something sweet after. even if im going to explode. its an issue. someday ill learn to stop eating when full. probably not.

and because i didnt eat enough already, i ended up meeting kelly out for dinner. we went to al dente which is one of my favorites in the north end! this place is not fancy, but it is really good and pretty cheap.


bad picture of our muscles marinara

kel and i split a bottle of cabernet, the muscles marinara, and then i got the veal parm over homemade fusilli. yum. i had never got the veal there, and it was super tender and delicious. (and a huge portion for $17… of which there was none leftover.) oh and if you go, always get their homemade fusilli. its doughy and delicious and is worth every calorie. kelly got a big bowl of the fusilli in their a’matriciana sauce (a mixture of pancetta, onion, pecorino romano cheese and tomato sauce) which is what i usually get. yum.

our bill ended up coming to $100 with tip- which is pretty decent if you ask me!

phew. and that’s all she ate wrote. no huge plans for the weekend coming up, but hoping the rain holds off so i can work on mah tan.

have a good weekend (b)loggiesss.


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