weekend update.

howdy folks! been a busy couple of days, so let’s catch up, shall we?

on wednesday, my friend lauren asked if i’d want to attend a fundraiser at david yurman with her- oh, and that there would be free food and booze. um, yes please. the event started at 6, so i walked over to her apartment right after work to meet up with her and brooke so we could head over together.


official event picture.
i clearly should have worn heels… ugh, midge problems.

lauren got an awesome necklace and i got a nice buzz. since the night was still young, we decided to do a little bar crawlin. hit up the oak room first, which is one of my new favorite places! we decided to head over to grill 23 next, but not before we had a photo shoot in the middle of the street. totally normal.


after a quick drink at grill 23 we made our way over to rattlesnake for some late night snacks. id never been before, but had been wanting to go for awhile. got some nachos and a quesadilla and i got a very unneeded margarita.


i only finished part of it- but holy moly was this delicious and spicy. the cranberry jalapeno margarita is made with patron anejo, muddled jalapenos & cranberries, drambuie and their homemade mix. will def be going back to get another one of these guys this summer! (i won’t comment on the food since i was so hungry you could have fed me cardboard with cheese melted on it and it would have tasted like heaven. but next time!)

oh, and in case you were wondering, i got this skirt at banana. it was an extra 30% off the sale price, so I ended up paying less than $50 for it. win. love that it has pockets too! really wish it came in other colors.


paired with white button down for work.

FYI- i don’t have a full length mirror in my apartment, but there is one right outside my door in the hallway that i use. a lot.  my neighbors most definitely think I’m crazy when I’m getting ready! I’ve def been caught taking selfies, and in some odd outfits, multiple times. yup, I’m the buildings crazy cat lady for sure.

i ended up staying in on friday since i was pretty beat (read: hungover) from thursday nights activities.  i did manage to stop at haymarket on my walk home to pick up some veggies for the week… and then at mikes pastry for a pistachio cannoli. (friday was 100% a fat kid day…)


crazy piglet kept trying to eat it.
only my cat would like cannolis…

got up early saturday to roast some beets i got at the market.  if you’ve never been to haymarket- it super cheap, but a lot of the stuff (especially fruit) is a bit iffy.  i try and stick to the more hearty items there (i.e. beets, carrots, potatoes, squash.) there was no spaghetti squash this week (angry b) so i stocked up on beets. (four pounds worth, to be exact! for a dollar a pound, can’t beat it.)


if you’ve never roasted beets before, its super easy.  preheat oven to 400 degrees. rinse the beets and then wrap in foil. these suckers were pretty big, so i roasted for 90 minutes, but normal sized ones usually only need an hour.  remove from the oven, let cool completely, then peel! i usually wear gloves, but i ran out. queue beet red hands. sexy.

after the roasting was complete, peapod showed up. hooray for food! i felt pretty bad for the guy since it was POURING.


hooray for a stocked fridge!

peapod is honestly a life saver! i got all of my groceries for the next two weeks for about $100 (with delivery cost.) seriously, if i bought this at one of the little markets in my neighborhood it would be double that, easily!

unfortunately, two of my yogurts lids got punctured in transit. gave peapod a call and they deducted the price from my bill, no other questions asked! great customer service.

oh, i also bought chive and toasted onion cottage cheese for the first time. cottage cheese with stuff already mixed in has always freakeddd me out. but a girl who’s blog i read loves it, so i figured id give it a whirl. lets just say that tub didn’t survive the day… always good to try new things folks!

since i had majorly accidentally carb loaded on friday, and the rain stopped- oh, and i kindaaa have a half marathon next month- i decided to lace up and do a long run.


as you can see, it was not the most beautiful day along the charles, but the weather was actually pretty ideal for running! i was originally aiming for 6 or 7 miles, but decided to push through and get to ten. it was painful, and slow (there were def some rest stops taken to stretch and catch my breath) but it felt good to get it done! first double digit run of 2014, woo!

came home and made myself a BIG chicken caesar salad (this was only half of it) and chugged about 80 glasses of water.


I’m obsessed with the boathouse farms caesar yogurt dressing.  its so creamy and delicious and only has 45 calories per two tablespoons. win! was seriously beat, so decided it was time for a cat nap. (this guy agreed.)


ended up going over to teresas later that night for a bbq and the bruins game! my contribution was that 12 pack of bud lights you saw in my fridge due to the fact it was pouring and making an extra stop at the liquor store seemed like a lot of work (sorry t!) they had an awesome spread of burgers, chicken, shrimp, cheese, pasta salad, fruit salad… def felt a bit like a bum that i didn’t bring something else nicer. next time!


after the bruins won (yay!) my knees started to feel like i got attacked by tonya harding so i made my way home and iced them while finishing up season five of sons of anarchy. (i need to find season six online for free….)

sunday i had rented a zip car to run some errands early in the morning since i knew it was going to be nice out. went to petsmart, refilled my sodastream tank at bed bath and beyond, and grabbed a new pair of yoga pants on sale at old navy. and all before eleven. go me.

filled up my soda stream water bottle and headed down hanover to grab some pinkberry and enjoy the sunshine.


ummmm… the new mint chocolate cookie flavor? aaaaahmazing. would highly recommend trying it before it goes away at the end of the month.

seriously- the weather couldn’t have been nicer for mothers day! decided to stroll around a bit more and then i was going to go lay out on the roof.


…but when walking by joes i spotted brodie, pete & michelle (who were visiting from ct for the weekend.) joined them at the table while they finished their lunch to catch up when they informed me they rented a boat for the afternoon.  did i want to join? well, duh, yes! i was already in a bathing suit and ready to go. apparently so ready to go, i left my soda stream water bottle on the table. GRRRR. i need to stop losing things… and people seriously need to be polite and turn in lost items and not steal them. i called back 15 minutes later and they said they couldn’t find it anywhere.


fail. good thing the boat ride and sunshine made my anger disappear… a few snap shots from our three hour tour (three hour tourrrr)


kelly, brodie me & michelle


not sure whats going on here.IMG_5262

stove saying hello.


playing the finger game.


ill let you guess what pete and i are doing here.
and yes, the water was freezing.


me after i tried sitting on the side of the boat.
and then not-so-gracefull fell and hit my head.
(don’t worry mom, I’m fine.)


hall brothers.
(next time we need to invite trent… just sayin’)

was def a great afternoon.  now to convince brodie to get a boat so we can do this every weakend!

time to get ready for bed! hope you all had a great weekend as well.


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