tuesday night ramblings.

ummm, i was so good last night. i laid out my running clothes. i set my alarm for 6am. charged my phone so id be ready. to. go.

…anddd then my alarm went off

rawseriously, i don’t know how i used to get up and run. never mind the fact i used to go to the gym at 5:30am. i think id have to be at gunpoint to get out of bed before 7am these days.

i swear i heavily debated just getting up and doing it, you never feel bad after a workout, right? but then i remembered that i never feel bad after resetting my alarm to 7:10 either. so thats what i did. womp womp.

if you follow me on instagram, you know that once i got up i had to fight this fatty to get ready… he used to do this all the time in my old apartment (where the sink was much bigger) but he’s never done it here. i wish i had a video of him contorting to get in there, but it was too early to be that crazy of a cat lady. so picture evidence only it is.

photo 2

at lunch i went to try and find new cropped yoga pants since i lost mine the other day. saw that city sports was having a 25% off sale on all of their cs brand apparel, which is what i usually buy! money. decided to check out their new location in post office square that opened a few months ago (i think…)

the upstairs is pretty- super high ceilings and fun signs. but it was filled with lots of things i have zero use for. needles to say, i was a bit confused where all the “stuff” was… id blame this on being blonde or tired, but as you are aware, neither of those are the case. oh well, after a minute i realized there was a downstairs… duh…

photo 4

pretty cool looking, right? i don’t think they have a huge selection of stuff clothing wise- id probably be more apt to go back to the one in downtown crossing (or allston for that matter), but i saw they had the cs pant display, so i guess that was all that mattered. grabbed the same pair i lost and beelined for the dressing room before i spied something else i wanted to buy. success.

…except they totally changed their pants! NOOO. ugh. i loved their pants. and now the material is different. and they have funky waist bands (the kind thats an elastic under the fabric. which will inevitably get crooked and turned once they get washed a bunch…. ya know what I’m talking about?!)

photo 3

bad dressing room photo of said pants, incase you were curious.
clearly “the gap” obsession hasn’t taken ahold of me, HA!

didn’t end up buying them. but also wasn’t able to find anything else. so for $25, i’ll probably end up going back and getting them and just hand washing instead of sending out. (sale goes on until the 11th, so if you know of any other good, cheap pants before then lemme know!)

i did end up making it to the gym later on and got in another 40 minutes on the stairmill. this time i made it 216 floors. or 8 chips ahoy cookies. however you want to think about it

photo 3oh, and i should probably stop stairmilling and actually run…. unless fairfield builds steps along the entire route of the half marathon I’m running in june. ugh… (remind me to not sign up for any more races, k?)

was a pretty nice walk home, so stopped to take some photos. i do love my walk to/from work- i don’t think ill ever get sick of it! as long as you don’t ask me when its snowing or raining.


view from the end of hanover street


peace garden on hanover.
those string backpacks really bother me on people over the age of… birth
(sorry random guy.)

came home. ate. did my nails. watched the bruins (boo.) thats about it. (jealous, eh.) really digging essie fiji these days. have had it on my nails the past few weeks. this is another terrible picture (and terrible home manicure) but as you can maybe tell its a nice pale pink! me likey.

photo 5buster is just as amused as you probably are reading this.

oh, and i finally watched this video that everyone and five of their friends have posted on Facebook. i actually really liked it and was going to repost it- but then i figured id be kind of hypocritical since i love social media. (so i figured id post it on my (b)log- hahahaha… sometimes i crack myself up.)

but for real, i have been trying to make a conscious effort to not be on my phone/the computer when I’m with actual human beings (buster doesnt count). can’t say I’ve been doing awesome at it, but going to try harder. especially since this video makes me feel like if i don’t I’m going to die alone (again, buster doesnt count.)

welp, time to go to bed if I’m going to attempt to run in the morning (hahaha) have a good night everyone!


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