the least festive cinco de mayo post you’ll read all day!

happy cinco de mayo! im getting wild and crazy tonight drinking margaritas catching up on some sunday night tv shows. ah! when did i get so old…


just so i don’t sound so lame, lets jump back to friday! the day got off to a good start when it was actually in the sixties (yay!) and teresa, kp and i could do our jibby lunch outside. its been wayyy too long since that happened- seriously, longest. winter. ever. (i know 2/3 of my posts have said that so far, but its true. and bears repeating.)

we hit up one of our favorites- panera! they have lots of fun new salad options (greek salad with shrimp sounded awesome) but since i hadn’t been in awhile, went with my go-to option: the thai chicken salad.


this bad boy never disappoints! i opted to get it without the crispy wontons to save calories (but then i opted from bread on the side, not an apple. you win some, you lose some.)

teresa was going to the sox game, and i was going to see a show downtown, so we went to grab a quick glass of sangria at sterlings since their patio was open as well and we both had a little time to kill. didn’t take a picture, but i enjoyed the white and would get it again if i went back!

after that i headed to abby lane to grab some food and a drink.  had never been before, but i had heard it was a great spot to hit up if you are in the theater district. would say i have to agree!


i was clearly really bad at taking pictures friday, but this was my exact view from where i saddled up- that is, if everyone else there was ghosts. (pic courtesy of here via google search.) ended up getting the bacon burger (asiago, secret sauce, peppered bacon, crispy fries and dill pickle.) def a solid choice! i will say there could have been more bacon (there was only one slice on it…) BUT still really good.

belly full of a burger and beer(s), headed over to the wilber theater to see aziz ansari.

IMG_5123such amazing photography skills friday, right?…

couldn’t take pictures/videos in there. but if you have the chance to go see aziz, def go! he was hysterical and i loved the audience interaction. the opener, who’s name i sadly don’t remember, was pretty funny too- although i did miss most of his bit waiting for a beer. (ummm, theater peeps, if you are reading this- have. more. than. two. bartenders. and maybe don’t change $15 a beer. yikes!) i did, however, manage to snap a pic with him after.

IMG_5111good times. rest of the weekend was spent a little more low key. it was gorgeous out, so was able to squeeze in an easy three mile run. good thing that burnt off about 2% of the calories i was about to consume!

peapod had ribs on sale last week, so i picked up some st. louis style pork ribs.  I’ve never cooked ribs myself, and i don’t have a grill, so took to the internet to find a recipe. ended up stumbling upon this one with lots of great reviews, and i had most of the ingredients. bam! (note: mine is a little different than the original based on what i had!)



  • 3 lbs pork ribs
  • 3/4 cup light brown sugar
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp cayenne pepper
  • barbecue sauce (i like stubbs smokey mequite bbq sauce)


  1. preheat oven to 300 degrees
  2. peel off the membrane on the back and trim if necessary (i did NOT do a good job at this… probs should have watched a youtube video. live and learn.)
  3. lay ribs on two layers of aluminum foil, shiny side out.
  4. coat that sucker (on both sides) with all the rub.)
  5. put two more layers of foil on the top and crimp together. (roll so edges facing up and liquid won’t spill.)
  6. place on a baking sheet and bake for approximately two hours

the recipe calls to broil with the barbecue sauce of your choice for two minutes on each side once you take it out. but i didn’t do this part because i kind of liked the way the rub itself tasted (and figured i could dip once it made it to my plate.)

overall, i would def attempt again! like i said i didn’t trim well and there was def a lot of fatty pieces and other stuff that should have been gone… (luckily theres an easy fix for that, eat around it or spit those pieces out.)

oh and i highly recommend making a box of jiffy corn muffins to go along with it. because nothing goes better with fatty meat than buttery carbs. (and if you don’t agree, I’m not sure we can be friends…)

i bet you can guess what comes next:


my old buddy, the stairmill. wanted to do sixty minutes, but felt like i was going to fall off at about forty, so decided that was a good place to stop. also, that was where the episode of sons of anarchy i was watching on netflix on my phone stopped.

um…. im obsessed with this show. like have watched three seasons in two weeks obsessed…. i probably shouldn’t admit that on the internet.

VW-me-n-TV-2gether-4everbut seriously, show is really good. i would have never thought to watch it, but a bunch of guys in my wednesday meeting always talk about it and, well, i needed something new to watch on netflix with my cat.


i had always skipped over it because motorcycles and gangs aren’t really my jam, but it actually has great character development and story lines. and, well, looking at this guy for hours on end isn’t too terrible either….


kinda makes me want another tattoo…

anyways, if you’re looking for something new to watch and aren’t already in love with SAMCRO, give it a whirl! (and it you don’t like it, sorry I’m not sorry.)

as for the sunday shows i just finished up watching:

game of thrones: so now that everyone i really loved or really hated is dead, I’m kindaaa losing interest. if they kill off tyrion, i don’t think i could keep watching the show.  queue: semi related but not at all pic of peter dinklage on a scooter, just because its awesome

g6NgoHXmad men: am i the only one still watching this show? i kinda think so. (i think I’m also the only person left watching greys anatomy…) there have def been a few scenes i liked this season so far (sally saying i love you), but overall, really glad this is the last season. i don’t like don not being don-like. and i kind of want to punch peggy, like, every time she’s on the screen. also, the season needs more joan. def needs more joan. oh and what happened to this guy? my eyes miss bob benson… did we ever figure out who he really was? 


also watched silicon valley and my five wives.  silicon valley was def better this week than last. but hoping it picks up a bit more (right now not seeing it go much past one season.) my five wives was a boring “viewers ask the questions” episode. blah blah do you get jealous… blah blah do the kids want to be polygamists too… i want wife drama! i want rebelling kids! (and by rebelling, kids wanting to hold hands.) hoping next week is a normal one.

well, now you know i watch too much tv. and that i still have about 800 calories to burn off. so I’m going to go eat a fudgicle, probably watch another episode of sons of anarchy, and go to bed. (hey, at least I’m honest.)

i leave you with a tiny kitteh in a sombrero. happy cinco de mayo folks!



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