friday fail.

remember that new, cute blue bathing suit top i ordered? went to try it on last night and remembered it was in my gym bag. that i brought with me to bostonia public house… and then left at bostonia public house. UGH!


bad, recycled blackberry picture of said tote.
(i already lost the waterbottle…)

the only things in there were my combination lock, my sweaty gym clothes, and my new bathing suit top. figured, who on earth is going to want a lock they cant use, smelly clothes, and a top that probably won’t fit 95% of the population?! was optimistic that someone must have turned it in…

…think again brittany. think again…


i called twice (just to be thorough, ya know) and both times they said they didnt have any bags in lost and found. wahhhh. looks like ill be rebuying that top (i really liked it), a new gym bag and some new gym stuff. <- note: these are things i would normally be excited about but i need to stop spending money… or maybe i should just stop losing things… le’sigh..

atleast its friday. and atleast this video exists.

…have a great weekend everyone!
(and pray i dont lose anything else…)


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