things im loving thursday. (part 1)

hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful spring day chilly rainy day. seriously? where is summer… im going to kick off the first “things im loving” post with something im not loving- still wearing tights…


ok, vent, over. now back to things i am loving!

amazon prime

my parents recently added me onto their amazon prime account. i think the intention was so i could stream movies and tv shows. instead, i have now purchased 8,271,953 items i probably wouldn’t have ordered before but *wow* free shipping?! i totally need to order that, NOW…. needless to say, my savings account is not happy with me…


but seriously, it is awesome. you can def get things so much cheaper, and minus the fake pair of raybans i ordered that came from china via the shipping carrier “CHUKOU1” (ummm….sounds reliable…) everything has come within a few days! score. now onto some fun goodies!

curling wand

you can file this under something i totally didnt need but have been wanting for awhile. i had debated getting a really nice one from but really couldnt justify a $100+ price tag- hello, i have curly hair naturally (albiet uneven ramen noodle curls, but still.) found this guy for $30 and figured why not!


will do a full post with pictures soon once the large burn on my neck goes away… minus me branding myself the first go-around, i really am loving this little guy! i wish it had a temperature indicator (flashing when hot or something) but for the price, it gets the job done. i also recommend watching some youtube videos on how to use it correctly. my hair looked… interesting… the first time i did it myself. def good to learn some tricks of the trade, er, curl.

heat protectant spray

heat spray

i actually have zero idea if this is actually working or not (i guess ask me if my hair is fried or not in six months) BUT i do love the price (under $10) and i love that i can stop lying to my hair stylist when she asks me if i use a heat protectant spray… of courseee i do…


wednesday yoga

despite getting an A in yoga during summer school in college (my diploma seems even more ligit right now, amiright?), i rarely do yoga. and by that i mean almost never. this is about the most use my mat ever gets:

BL_dhcACEAAr11Q(he could use to do a bit more… fatty is larger than most dogs in my building. but i digress…) when teresa asked me to join her for a lunch time yoga sesh at the BSC across the street from me i decided why not! i rarely ever take lunch breaks and its almost pool season- my body could use any help it can get.

love that the class is 45 minutes so i can change & rinse off and still get back to the office within the hour.  also love that teresa knows what she’s doing so i can copy here when i have no idea what the instructor just said (so must of the time.) and i love the instructor! she has (quietly) helped me with poses to get me in the right form both classes now… cant let the rest of the class think this roanoke college grade A yoga student has gotten rusty…

new bathing suits

now that my body is totally long and lean short and semi-soft from yoga, i decided to hit up to get some new swim suits for mirabella this summer! was def in dire need after losing a pair of bottoms last year (dont ask) and one top breaking (likely from the strain.) picked up these three tops and two bottoms (and all for about $60!)


love love love that the tops are based on bra size (amen!) also love that the bottoms fit. period. this little body of mine is odd proportionally and it’s really hard to order things online most of the time. (excpet from the loft. my sizes never change there- thankyouanntaylor.) now to just not eat until the pool opens… we’ll see how that goes…


bostonia public house

last night adelae and i got together for a little hump day treat. hooray for wine wednesdays. decided to go to the new bostonia public house which just recently opened. (it’s where kitty osheas used to be- holy upgrade! they seriously gutted that place.)


ummmm… this might be my new favorite spot! loved the decor and that they have a live piano player. swanky. and also TOTALLY loving all the wine on tap…


how does one get this installed in their apartment? but in all seriousness, they have TONS of wine by the glass, and all reasonably priced (most were $10-14.) i chose a kim crawford sauvignon blanc that was deeelish. so delicious i had three. fair warning, it is a little noisy in there. the piano isn’t overbearingly loud, but i will say the acoustics of the room def amplify chatter.  (not a problem for me, my voice tends to carry, whoops.) anyways was lovely catching up with adelae and i am looking forward to going back there again soon!

more things im lovin to come next thursday.

do you love it?

anyone out there have a yonanas? looking to maybe purchase one (damn you amazon prime!) to satisfy my sweet tooth this summer, but hoping to find someone thats actually used it first. lemme know!


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