(b)log is (b)ack!

well, hello there friends. very long time no talk! ive been missing this ol’ (b)log of mine (old blog can still be found here!), but when i went to start it up again, i realized someone had snagged brittanyshelby.com <- lame! it just became available (yay!) so i decided to give this puppy another whirl.

i wish i could play catch up, but that would take wayyy too long and im not funny enough to keep you entertained for that long so lets start with some highlights from the past week, shall we?

red sox opening day


a few months ago i got lucky and was able to pull tickets for the home opener through the sox lotto (score!) id never been to a home opener, and since they were getting their world series rings, i was super excited. the weather could have been a little nicer (in case that lovely grey sky above didnt tip you off) but it could have been worse. ill stop complaining now.


the flag ceremony was awesome. as was seeing each of the players get their ring. oh and seeing this guy was pretty cool too! (not remotely cool- they had a table set up over my grandpas brick so i couldn’t get a picture with it. boooo.)


unfortunately the sox lost (and i lost my sunglasses. again.) but it was still a great day. baseball + beer + hot dog = one happy b!


boston marathon


was so glad that i opted to take patriots day off this year- it was absolutely gorgeous! like, wearing a t-shirt and no jacket OMG-winter-is-kinda-over gorgeous. i had debated going to the red sox game, but couldnt justify spending almost $80 on standing room only seats. i decided to spend the day walking around the city, just soaking in the sun and the energy, which ended up being the perfect way to spend the day! (ok sox would have been amazing, but let me just tell myself my day ended up being better, k? k.)


in the common they had hundreds of these quilt work patch signs from all over the country.  i spent a good hour, maybe more, going up and down the rows. first i went looking for all the states ive lived in.


one state banner i could have done without? this one from new york. vom!


after walking quickly past that one, i spent time some serious time soaking in the inspirational messages on all the others. it was so neat to see how many people took time out of their days to send some love up to the city and marathon runners! i have to say my favorites though were some of the random ones little kids drew….


strong and sweet. have zero idea how this relates to the marathon on the bombing, but i kinda dig it. something else i was totally digging- this balloon guy!

balloon guy

it was SO crowded down by the marathon, so i held off on going to watch the runners until the very end. around 4:30 i made my way down to boylston street.


when i got there, i ended up getting a free lunch! pret a manger recently started opening up shops around the city. as a little marketing campaign they were handing out bagged lunches to bystanders. i wasnt all that hungry, but a chicken bacon sandwich with barbecue potato chips on the side sounded pretty darn good (almost as good as free sounded) so i snagged a bag for lunch the next day.


the sandwich was ok- not the best, but not the worst either! probably would have been better had it not been pre-made and sitting around for 24 hours… so ill give them a second chance (especially since one is opening up next to my building this summer!)

i only stayed on boylston street itself for a little bit. i was glad i walked down there, but since i wasn’t waiting to see anyone finish, i decided to get off the crowded streets and go back to stroll around the garden/common and enjoy the day with everyone done with the race.

patriots day = success.


wine riot

oh and one last thing! this past saturday, i went to the wine riot at the park plaza castle. they are having another one in october, and i def recommend signing up for it! for $60 you get to sample 300+ wines over the course of four hours. as cecily reminded us, repeatedly, they have an app you can use to rate all of the wines you sample. you can also see the highest rated wines, and the booth they are located at, so you can be sure to taste the best. after a sample or twenty i stopped using the app and just went to booths that had free stuff you cold take home….


im sure im going to get TONS of use out of those stunner shades (i also have them in orange and black- in case you were curious) and my new super sweet “yelp life” half gloves. i also picked up a key chain, a bunch of stickers, a coaster, and a reusable grocery bag (the only useful thing. thanks naked grape!)

whats a good idea after sampling lots of wine? taking photos in the photo booth of course. (note the sarcasm.)

Photo Booth

im impressed 1) how perfectly that boa matched my outfit (FYI the loft is having awesome sales. basic tee’s are like $7…) and 2.) that i didnt wear it around the castle the rest of the night/take it home with me. anyways, be sure to sign up for the next one! (and invite me to join you)

phew! enough for a welcome back post. will be back soon.



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